Friday, 23 January 2009

New Translations of Bible

Dear Readers,

I hope that You will find the following translations of Bible into modern English very interesting. These Translations have been written on the basis of Hebrew Bible (that is, Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia edition) and comparing with Greek Bible Septuagint (ed. Rahlfs and Gottingensia), and comparing with Aramaic Targumic text of these Books (ed. Sperber), and occasionally the Syriac text (which is notorious). Thus is achieved to Translation of these texts of Minor Prophets or Twelve Prophets and parts of Wisdom literature and Psalms that comprehends descriptions of bowl visions and extraordinary visions- and magnified visions (water filled glass bowls produce magnified visions and please think how central the ritual of cup is for the Christian tradition, that is, the Eucharist- and we know that in early Christianity voften GLASS cups or chalices were used for the Eucharist although the use of GLASS cups in Eucharist was relatively early banned by a churchly decree). Therefore it is VERY central for reading these texts to attempt to compare very early manuscripts and early interpretations and translations.

Stated simply, usually the Psalms of Old Testament are "Psalms of David", in Hebrew LDWD. Thus is the consonantal DWD comprehended to be the name of the king, David. However, all modern lexica of Old Testament Hebrew do mention that consonants DWD of Hebrew ALSO denote a "bowl"; thus, usually the Psalms of Old Testament can denote poems/hymns/prayers that were uttered or recited in connection with BOWLS and rituals where BOWLS were central. This sounds very simple, and it is simple. Reading the usual Old Testament lexica more closely will bring many alternative readings to usual words; and the comparison of other ancient translations and interpretations is then central. And we know that BOWL DIVINATION (or LECANOMANCY) was central method of divination in Babylon, Egypt, Hellenistic Egypt etc. Thus the Readers are encouraged to reading of these ancient texts!! (This Project continues my academic study of Bible, my writings of texts of Philo of Alexandria and divination and bowl divinations).

Yours Sincerely, Pasi Pohjala

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