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Book of Haggaj in Bible in Modern English 2008

The translating of the name HAGGAJ to be CRYSTAL CUP is easily motivated considering the word HWG that denotes to draw round, make a circle (like circle, vault of heavens) or vault, esp. vault of heavens, or even explicit being circle-instrument (MHWGh, thus in Isaiah 44:13) (see the normal Old Testament lexica). And the similar HQ or HWQ denote bosom. Notable is that hGh denotes to moan, utter and speak, esp. in the Isaiah 8:19 hMZPZPJM WhMhGJM denoting those who observe (ZPH)- who observe in hGh method, observing in cups. Lexica know also that HGG in Syriac can be rendered phantasma vidit, somniavit (Payne Smith)! And the word NhG denotes to drive, conduct, especially giving advises to conducting and movements; and we know that lecanomancy was often practiced for finding advises (see OT Lexica). Thus, it is easily concluded that HGJ denotes a crystal cup, transparent like vault of heavens, and circular, being used for observations. This reading is in this Book important, because the Book Haggaj explicit describes JESUS THE HIGH PRIEST MAKING OBSERVATIONS IN SUCH CRYSTAL CUP; obviously, this so much reminds of the Christian GOSPELS where Jesus is described having instituted the ritual of Cup (i.e. Eucharist); obviously this Book of Haggaj is therefore of special importance for providing good ideas for discussing the historical background of such Ritual of Cup, its meaning and its content. On the ground of this Book of Haggaj, we can VERY STRONGLY argue, that SEEING VISIONS IN THE CUP, making visual observations in the cup was central element also in the Ritual of Cup that was instituted by Jesus of Nazareth, in accordance with the accounts in Christian Gospels (especially, in that area glass cups of good quality were quite much produced, in the glass blowing method, that, often provided cheaper alternatives to the exceedingly expensive crystal cups; but the language in this Book Haggaj does not suggest the HGJ cup being blown, rather its being of crystal, in Temple and House of Visions. But the institution of Ritual of Cup in Gospels, being situated in more average circumstances, can well, for example, describe the utilization of glass cup for obtaining of visions).
1:1-7 description of the crystal cup HGJ, being in the House of HZH seeing, being visionary in manner of LEKANE (1:4) producing BBA water reflections of NKM magnification, OR being crystal cup filled with wine (SKR) (1:6) producing ZRY stretching for ZUROT visual forms of MSTKR wine cup visual observations (1:6)
PART B: globule KB vessel of blown PH glass being glass lamp
1:8-1:11 finding YZ advises in the House from the globule KB formed vessel (1:8); it is PH blown glass and in the House of seeing; in the manner of LEKANE visions it makes divinations (1:9); and the LEKANE magnifies to NKM plenitude with NTH stretching the visions in ASSURIAN observation method, thus MAGNIFYING FISHES, in the ZHR illumination (cf. zohar) bringing to JZA visual observing (1:10-1:11)
1:12-1:15 Zerubbabel and High Priest Jesus (the Greek form of this name Joshua), by the crystal cup HGJ made observations, and God showed magnified visions (1:12); the HGJ crystal cup made magnifyings to divine prophesies (1:13) and God then made revelations of extended measures REWAH to Zerubbabel, High Priest Jesus and for people (1:14)
2:1-2:6 in the House of Visions HZH was the KB globule vessel being of HL glass, and showed visions in ASSURIAN style illumination (2:3); and Zerubbabel and High Priest Jesus were observing in this HL vessel of AT visual signs being magnified (2:4) such is prophesy of ASSURIAN style also based on EGYPTIAN methods of seeing (2:5); in that observing, what is MYT small is magnified in the AT visual signs (2:6)
PART E: WHEN KB GLOBULE VESSEL OBSERVED, IT SHOWS KABOD (KBD) VISUAL APPEARANCES (notice consonants KB and KBD, KBD appearances appearing in KB globule vessel; thus HERE- but can be more general axiom of prophetical texts)
2:7-2:9 In the House of HZH visions in KB vessel examinations the KABOD visual appearances appearing (2:7); and the KABOD appearances are so much magnified (GDL, gadol) in the House of HZH observing, IN THE AARON STYLE, showing qualities magnified in this magnifying place MAQOM (2:9- because so much is spoken of Jesus the High Priest, the referring to AARON the High Priest is highly coherent- and important, too)
2:10-2:13 prophesy of God in HGJ crystal cup, in twenty fold, four-fold and nine-fold (2:10); God of Zebaot, magnified visual signs showed those when priests were inquiring of visual signs (2:11); notice how different contents produce such prophetical visions, from pottage, from WINE, or from oil (2:12); the vessel NTH stretches and makes so-much the visions of the divinations of priests (2:13)
2:14-2:19 the crystal cup HGJ produced prophetical visions for HZH observations, PN appearances being neum prophesies, NTH stretching to muchness mea (2:14); for the HZH seeing the cup makes MYL magnifying of heights and NTH stretching and RM magnifying of heights, so in the Temple (2:15); VERY IMPORTANT: one came to heap of twenty measures even if there had been only ten- and one came to WINE VAT of fifty measures even if there had been only twenty: THE WINE VAT/CUP MAGNIFIES, the HEAP IS MAGNIFIED (2:16!!!!!!!!); those are mystery SD visual appearances PN, neum prophesies from God (2:17); thus in the Temple, for the HZH seeing, was MYL magnifyings of twenty fold, nine fold and four-fold in BBA liquid reflections (2:18); so was the ZRY magnifying thus of MG magical style for HZH seeing (2:19)
2:20-2:21 lamp vessel of PH blown glass of Judah for the RY observations produces HDS new style appearances of twenty and nine and four-fold magnifyings
2:22-2:23 so are the visual changes HPK from KS cups, MM water containers and LEKANOT and HS comprehension of MIDDOT measures and HZH observations of QM magnifying; such containers of waters make HPK visual changes AND THE MERKABA MAKES KNOWLEDGE, THAT GLOBULE KB VESSEL OF GOD that makes knowledge (WR cf Tora) in the KB GLOBULE VESSEL (2:22); in the KB GLOBULE VESSEL of white material are neum prophesies (2:23)

(name means cleft of rock, thus in the current discussion, hollow bowls of stone material, thus crystal bowls, or festival times)
1:2 thus in the strength of the lamp-vessel speaks God (KH, AM, NR) God of magnified visual signs (ZBAT) describing in the lamp-vessel (AM, NR) such heaping (YM) for visioning in the lamp-vessel (AM, NR) in that place (AJ) that moment (YTH): water-reflection (BA) moment in the house of God, that was built
1:3 and there was divine prophesy from God, by instrument of crystal bowl (HGJ) prophet Haggaj, in the lamp-vessel
1:4 that moment: this LEKANE of waters produces visual signs from waters by reflecting (SB) the water-reflections (BBT) of plenitude (NKM) in the extreme limits (SP) of visual appearances (NM): and the house of visions (HZH), that is for magnifying
1:5 that moment: in the strength of the lamp-vessel (KH, AM, NR) God of magnified visual signs (ZBAT) describing, that for waters of white vessel (LBN) for producing plenitude (NKM), thus magnifies (YL) that ball formed vessel (DR) for making plenitude (NKM)
1:6 the complete magnifying (ZRY) makes magnifying by the water-reflecting (BA) of what is only small (MYT), in form-giving vessel examinations (A-KL of AWH), and the stretching to seven fold is keen-seeing in magnifying, and it is keen-seeing (AJN) in the wine cups (SKR) of convex form
(((LB, WINE FILLED GLASS AND CRYSTAL CUPS MAGNIFY, see also Obadiah and Proverbs 23 and 30 etc, earlier they WERE used in ritual practices of religions, also early in the Christian EUCHARIST, although later were banned from use in Eucharist by churchly decree; and cf. the ritual of Kiddush; because the churchly decree was relatively early that can have had notorious and substantial effect on the readings of existent manuscripts, even Alexandrinus, Sinaiticus, etc and especially to the selection of manuscripts that were preserved? THEREFORE is especially central to try to read the texts in the context of water reflections and bowl prophesy; that is not too difficult, quite coherent readings can easily be written. Especially interesting is that here Jesus the Priest or High Priest is doing observations with cups and wine cups- and in the well known Christian tradition of the canonical Gospels, Jesus instituted the Eucharist, that involves the ritual of wine cups! Obviously name Joashua/Greek: Jesus was quite usual in that time- and furthermore, Joshua/Jesus is the successor of Moses and good observed of the Land of Israel, thus also in the Books of Moses and Book of Joshua of Old Testament, in Greek: Book of Jesus; thus is obviously the activity of OBSERVING much connected to the name Joshua (Hebrew)/Jesus (Greek))))
and the keen seeing (AJN) in Luach instrument (LH) of liquid there; and there, the wine-cup examining (SKR here: MSTKR the hitpael) is wine cup examining (MSTKR hitpael of SKR) for wisdom of visual forms (zura) in illumination of clearness (NQ) of the bowl (JQB)
1:7 thus in strength of lamp-vessel, God of magnified visual signs is describing that, from waters for water-reflections of plenitude (BBA, NKM), magnifying in the ball formed vessels (DR) for plenitude
1:8 making magnifying (YL) in the white vessel (HR) and making water reflections of complete method for finding advises (YZ); and thus build the House (finding advises for projects was normal in the practices of lecanomancy); and there is keen seeing illumination (AR, RZ) there, that is place of globule formed vessel (KB), such lamp-vessel of God
1:9 you were looking for magnification, observing (HNH) thus what is small (MYT); and in the house of visions, from the blown vessels (PH, NPH thus: glass blowing) you made water-reflections (BA), there making divinations (YN) concerning the what-ness (MH)- so are the words from God (neum), God of magnified visual signs (ZBAT); and in the House was divination in the Assurian method (YN, ASR)- that magnifies visual signs in waters- and the fire-flame in the water-bowl, for keenness of seeing in that white-vessel
1:10 vision from LEKANE is magnifying (YL) to plenitude (NKM) in that vessel that is water-container, making stretchings (NTH): and the keen seeing illumination (AR, RZ) produced (JBL) in that vessel
1:11 that place is for incantations (QRA) and making magnifying and magnifying in the keen seeing illumination (AR, RZ), increasing (YL) in the white vessels of waters- and magnifying the fishes (YL, DGN well known in the cult of fish goddess ATARGATIS of Hierapolis of Syria, see Lucian of Samosata De Dea Syria), magnifying to such muchness (YL, joter) the existing; and magnifying in the illumination (ZHR cf Zohar); and magnifying of Assurian style that brings to visual seeing (JZA) what is earthly and magnifying of human realm and magnifying in producing (JHB) of the sides of the bowls, thus the vessel increases (YL, KL) that container of waters (KP)
1:12 then Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel and JESUS the son of Yehozadaq the high priest (name is here Jesus, see the Greek Bible for the Hebrew name Joshua JHWSY; and much also in Book of Zechariah, one of the 12 Prophets books. Notice also that title is KHN GDL in Hebrew, the GDL could even refer to his functions of making magnifications, GDL; the SY refers to culture of glass blowing and observations from blown glass vessels) hearkened to the voice of God, in those vessels of illuminating (AR) for muchness (YM) and increasing the divine prophesy by the hollow crystal bowl Haggaj the prophet, in the method of God sent that, and he showed the magnifying from the appearances from God
1:13 and Haggaj the hollow crystal bowl messenger of God in this lamp-vessel (AM, NR) was informing (MLK) from God for magnifying (YM) with the lamp-vessel (AM, NR), the vessel of visual signs of plenitude (NKM) the divine prophesies
1:14 and God made revelation (YR) in visual sign of the extensions (rewah) for Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel from the blown vessels (PH) of Judah; and visual sign (AT) of the extensions (rewah) for Jesus son of Yohazadaq the High Priest and visual sign of the extensions (rewah) in the vessels that make illumination, for the people, making water-reflection (BA) and reflections (YS) for prophesies, such water-reflections (BBT) of God of magnified visual signs
1:15 traditional

2:1 traditional
2:2 traditional
2:3 water is for making plenitude (NKM) making miracles (NS) from illumination in the Assurian style, thus showing the visual signs in the House, for visions (HZH) by the globule vessel (KB) that shows (RA) the doubles (SN) and what-ness, it is in visual sign of waters, seeing in the waters (RAM) that visual sign (AT) in that moment, the glass vessel (HL) shows the magnitude (KMH) in keen visions (AJN) in your eye sight visions for plenitude (NKM)
2:4 that moment, make seeing (HZH) in the cavity, Zerubbabel, so is the prophesy of God, making seeing in the cavity (HZ) Jesus the son of Yohazadaq the High Priest, and seeing in the cavity (HL) also whole people for keen seeing illumination (AR, RZ), the prophesy of God, and make reflections (YS) because the vessel (AN) provides visual sign (AT) for plenitude (NKM) prophesy of God of magnified visual signs (ZBAT)
2:5 visual sign, that is prophesy of Assurian style in the covenant when bringing you out from the Egypt, and my spirit remains with you- do not fear (in the wandering from Egypt the pillar like vision was there, even the Wisdom of Solomon describes that)
2:6 because, thus in strength of the lamp vessel God of magnified visual signs: he magnified (YD) what was one, and what was small (MYT) and the vessel makes visions (RY) such visual signs (AT) that is from waters and visual sign (AT) from keen seeing illumination (AR, RZ) visual sign from water bowl, visual sign for magnifying
2:7 and I will make vision (RY) of double (ST) visual sign in the vessel of cavity of waters (GJM) and the sides of the bowl reflect (BA) wisdom, thus being fullness (ML) produces visual signs (AT) signs in the House for observing (HZH) Kavod-appearances in the lamp vessel (AM, NR) of God of magnified visual signs
2:8 for me are open the KS-cups and for me are the golden decorated vessels for prophesy from God of magnified visual signs
2:9 the Kavod appearance is so magnified (GDL) in the House for observing (HZH) in the Aaron style, the qualities that it is showing in doubles (SN) in the lamp-vessel (AM, NR) of God of magnified visual signs, this place of magnifying (maqom, QM) is for observing, visual sign (AT) miraculous (NS) in completeness (SLM) - that is prophesy from God of magnified visual signs
2:10 in the twenty fold and four-fold, and in the nine-fold, of doubling styles of Darjawesh, there was prophesy of God to the hollow crystal bowl Haggaj the prophet, in style of lamp-vessel
2:11 thus in the strength of lamp-vessel (AM, NR, KH) is God of magnified visual signs (ZBAT) describing when the priests were inquiring of visual sign (AT), such knowledge with the lamp vessel
2:12 observe! When one is making prophesy (NSA) with fire-flame, with the angel of holiness (SR) in the bowl (BK) of visions (NP) for visions (NGD), for the wisdom of pottage or wisdom from wine or wisdom from oil (lecanomancy often concerned with oil) and the wisdom of vessel of much-making (MA) vessel (MA, KL) in holiness, and priests thus make divination and make utterances in the lamp-vessel (AM, NR)
2:13 and Haggaj the crystal bowl was telling in being container (AM) of prophesy: soul makes so-much (MA) by these vessels (KL) stretches (NTH) to so-much (MA) and so are the divinations of priests (KHN) in the lamp-vessel that stretches (NTH) to muchness (MA)
2:14 and in the crystal bowl Haggaj there was divination in the lamp-vessel of truthfulness, and the folk (YM) was observing (HZH) thus in truthfulness are cavities of visions (HZ) of crystal (HL) for visual appearances (PN) for prophesies (neum) of God, and truthful (KN) are the vessels of reflection prophesies (YS) instruments of Assurian style they make coming-near (QRB) that is stretching (NTH) to such muchness (MA)
2:15 in that moment, place to the water-reflection (BB) that makes plenitude (NKM) from that illumination for observing (HZH) it makes magnifying (MYL) and stretching (NTH) for magnifying (RM) there: stone-vessel (ABN) of wisdom (AL) stone vessel in the temple of God!
2:16 when one came to heap of twenty measures even if there had been only ten and when one came to wine vat of fifty measures even if there had been only twenty
2:17 and the waiting (HKH) for the visual sign of plenitude (NKM) by means of the mystery (SD) appearance (PN) and by water bowl (BR) produce (QN) by water-bowl (BR) of visual signs, vessel of reflection (YS), instrument of plenitude (NKM) and the visual sign (AT) of plenitude that is prophesy (neum) of God
2:18 what occurs in the water-bowl (SM) is for water-reflections in plenitude/magnified (BBKM) and from the illumination (jom) is the observation (HZH) there is from that illumination magnifying (MYL) up to twenty fold and four fold and to nine fold that from the light of illumination that in the foundations of Temple of God, so is what-ness in water-reflections to plenitude (BBA, NKM)
2:19 the magnifying (YD) that stretching (ZRY) in the magical making of knowledge (MG) the cavity of appearances (G, PN) magnifies (YD) to keenness (AJN) to magnifying and advises from observing (YZ), (cf vine, fig tree pomegranate and olive tree) vessels (AN) of prophesy from the illumination for visions (HZH) of blessing
2:20 and the prophesy of God (DBR) of multiplying (SN) in visions of hollow stone vessel in the magnifying reflection (YS, RM) in twenty fold and four fold and in new style appearances (HDS) in the lamp vessel (AM, NR)
2:21 the lamp vessel (AM, NR) of wisdom of Zerubbabel this blown vessel (PH) of Judah in the lamp vessel (AM, NR) that is vessel (AN) of observation (RY) from visual signs (AT) that is coming from water-bowl (SMJM) that visual sign in keen seeing illumination
2:22 so are the visual changings (HPK) from the KS-cups, water containers (MM) and LEKANOT, and understanding (HS) of measures (middot) and observations (HZ) of magnifying (QM) in LEKANOT and water bowls (MM), such containers of waters (GJM) make visual changes (HPK); and the Merkava makes knowledge, that globule vessel of God (KB) that makes knowledge (WR cf Tora) in the globule vessel (KB) of those fire-flame, so living, magnifies the qualities
2:23 in that illumination there is divine prophesy of God of magnified visual signs in the place of containers, for Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel my servant, prophesy of God, and there inside (TK) the magnifying because in the globule vessel (KB) of white material (HR) are prophesies (neum) of God of magnified visual signs

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