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Book of Obadia in Bible in Modern English 2008

This Book is clearly concerned with observation of magnified visual heights.
1-2 seeing how the zura form is QM magnified (in heights); what is QTN small is NN stretched to meod
3 SIDONIAN KS cup of SA blown glass, water container, RM magnifies heights, for Tora knowledge
4 FALCON seeing method (cf. Horus, Egyptian deity) in KB GLOBULE cup of jam waters magnifies to GBH heights producing bina understanding
5-8 DAVIDIC seeing method; LEKANE stretching of GBL outer limits of visual appearances, being HL glass of SA glass blowing production, makes LL evening like stretched shadowy visions- and for NN stretching the ZPH observations. It is device for HPS searching and produces AJN keen seeing.
9 TEMAN seeing method (cf. name tmunot, visions); from maajan water bowl produces hajjot visions of living beings of GBR mighty magnitudes, of MHR keen visions giving KR understanding
10-11 JACOB STYLE seeing in OLAM vessel (a KS cup) of HL glass produces AMUD pillar like visions of GDR mighty magnitude, for KR understanding
12 JUDAH seeing method from LBN white glass produces ZUROT being magnified to GDL magnification, even to nine-fold, for KR understanding
13 -14 EDOM seeing method from SYR seeing device of HL glass produces BA water reflections of GM magnified and AMUD pillar visions of PR magnified; producing KR understanding of PL miracles
15-16 ASSURIAN seeing method from the LEKANE of HR glass being of complete tam quality, with angels of fire flame produces magnifyings to complete middot measurings
occur PL miraculous LT mysteries when RSS sprinkling being done, in house of Jacob, in house of Joseph, in house of Esau;
19 the RSS sprinkling produces AT visual signs of Esau style. Of Philistean style, of Ephraim style, of Shomron style, of Benjamin style, and of Gilead style
20 and the GL revelations of HL glass vessels in HZH observations occur in white glass vessels produced in Israel; and like Assurian method they magnify visual appearances zurot of smaller, thus in Sephard and Zarpat style. The RSS sprinkling produces AT VISUAL SIGNS MAGNIFIED TO HUGE GBH HEIGHTS (cf. the QM magnifying of 1-2, specific of magnifying of heights, because QM is written)
21 CONCLUSION: mountain of ZION

1 vision of Obadiah, in the strength (KH) of the lamp-vessel (AM, NR) of God, in this place (AJ) of visual appearances (demut): hearken, hearken (SMY) the stretching (NN), these multitudes (MAT) from God, there is visual form (zura) appearing in cavity of waters (GJM) that the Luach instrument magnified (QM)- it was so magnified in the (NQM) in the increasing (YL) by God (JH) with the salt-of-what-ness (MLH Mh can be salt water filling the bowl)
2 Observe! What is small (QTN) is stretched (NN) in the cavity of waters (GJM) and in that is visual sign (AT) in multitudes (meod)
3 such Sidonian glass vessel (ZDN) of convex form (LB) with its strength (KH) in its hollowness (SA), such KS-cup thus produces (KN) in the clefts of that stone vessel (HG) it magnifies (MRM) the reflections (SB) in the method of lamp-vessel (AM, NR), in its convex form (LB) there are waters (MJ), they inform (JWR- Tora) of discerning (DN) in the keen seeing illumination (AR, RZ)
4 that container vessel (AM) makes such heights (GBH) like those of Falcon (cf. Egyptian Horus): thus the vessel container (AM) makes knowledge (bina), it is globule container of waters (KBJM): there waters produce (QN cf. Qain), that is prophesy from waters (KMSM) in such illumination (AR) of that instrument (JD)- there is prophesy of God (neum)
5 the vessel container (AM) , it is hollow vessel being hollow container of waters (G, NBB) thus making water-reflections like LEKANE; such container vessel (AM) of Davidic style (DD) of evening like stretched figures (LL): that is how (AJK) such glass vessel (HL) makes the visions (demut) it is hollow of hollow container (G, NBB) that makes visions (demut), vessel for making visual forms (zura) in waters, in water-reflections (BA), thus such LEKANE glass vessel in its hollowness (SA) illuminates and magnifies (YLL)
6 that is how were inquired (HPS) the reflections (YS) of that hollow container: such heaping (YM) in observations (ZPH) being stretched (NN)
7 the outer lines of forms (GBL) in the Luach instrument produce evidence (YDH) thus in the vessel (AN) that produces multiplicity (SBR) in midst (TK) of the hollowness (SA): it is such vessel instrument (KL)- LEKANE- such vessel (AN) of white material (SS) from waters (LM), such vessel of life, and KS-cup of waters (MM), making zura-forms there beneath (THT) to thus being keen (AJN) knowledge (bina) in the prophetical producing (JHB)
8 the glass vessel (HL) in the water-containing (JM), there is prophesy of God (neum) in the depth visions (abyddos)- there is wisdom from waters (HKM) and magnifying from waters (meod) knowledge (TBN) in keenness (MHR) of that reflecting (YS)
9 and the hajjot of mighty size (GBR) of Teman style visions (temunot) in the water-bowl (maajan) become to knowledge (KR) in the keen seeing (MHR) fire-flame, for reflections (YS) in the clearness (NQ) of the waters (TL)
10 the knowledge (MH) coming from the molten material (MS), the qualities, by Jacob style is the cup-examination (KS) for the knowledge (BS) for knowledge (KR) in the container Olam vessel
11 in this illumination your pillar like visions (amud) are in visions (NGD) of that light for making reflections (SB): the narrow (ZR) in waters of the glass vessel (HL) produced to knowledge (KR) in waters, in water-reflections (BA) of that vision-instrument (SYR), such increases (YL) of Jerusalem style: that instrument (JD) magnifies (GDR) magnifying (GM) the visual sign (AT) that is appearing in simplicity(AHD) from those
12 for the wisdom (AL) you will see the visions (TRA) in that illumination (JWM) there are the qualities- in that illumination, there is the knowledge (KR), wisdom of understanding to nine-fold (TS) in the white glass vessel of Judah (LBN), in the illumination of deep-examinations (abyddos) God will magnify (GDL) your visions in that illumination that makes forms (zurot)
13 God will produce water-reflections (BA) in the seeing instrument (SYR) of making heapings (YM) in the illumination of Edom style, God will show magnified (GM) visual sign (AT) for the visual observations (RY) in that illumination (JWM) of AD; and God makes there sendings (SLH) of Shiloh style in that glass instrument (HL) in that illumination (JWM) of waters (AD, mist)
14 and God will make pillar like visions (amud) increasing (YL) the growths (PR) in the cavity to make knowledge (KR) of the visual sign (AT) of the miracle(PL) of mystery (LT); and God of the water container (SGR)- his angel (SR) makes muchness in the form-giving (zura) illumination
15 thus the illumination (JWM) of God brings to nearness (QRB) increasing in the vessels of cavities of waters (GJM) in the method of angels of fire-flame that makes reflections (AS, SR, YS) reflecting (YS) in the LEKANE in three fold (gimel) reflecting (SB) creating such (bara)
16 thus the angel of fire-flame (AS, SR, cf. Assur) makes doubled visions (ST) of completeness (Tam) increasing in the white glass vessel (HR) of holiness, it makes doubled seeing (ST) in the vessels of cavities of waters (GJM) making complete measure (TM, MJD), such doubling (ST), and what exists (HJW) in the vessel seeing (KL) it exists in its manner (HJW)
17 and in the mountain of Zion there will thus occur miraculous (PL) mysteries (LT), such Holy Beings: and the sprinkling (RSS, well known part of rituals of lecanomancy) in the House of Jacob (name JYQB cf. that JQB is bowl or vat, and name Esau YSW also denotes making reflections, and more generally, the doing) for the vision (AT) are their making of sprinklings (MWRS)
18 and there is in house of Jacob: fire-flame; and in house of Joseph (ASP- increase and magnify): prophetical producing; and in house of Esau: LEKYTOS of mystery (SD), such LEKYTOS. By those instruments there are form-giving vessel examinations (A-KL, AWH) with waters, in that place there will be angel (SR) even if small in the house of Esau, that style reflections, because God produces prophesies
19 they make sprinkling (RSS) on the dry place (NGB cf GNB earlier) and there is visual sign in the white vessel that Esau style reflects (YS), and that miraculous miracle (NS, PL) of Shefela style, it is visual sign (AT) of Philistean style miraculous doubling in waters (PL, ST)- they make sprinkling (RSS) and thus: there is visual sign (AT) of mystery (AT) of Ephraim style increases for magnifying (AP, RM) and visual sign, mystery (SD) of Shomron observing instrument (SMR) and knowledge (bina) from water-bowls of Benjamin-style, visual sign that reveals (GL) in magnifying (YD) of Gilead style
20 and the revelations (GL) of the glass vessel (HL) in observations (HZ) occurs in white glass vessels of Israel, in style of producing (KN) for eye-sight (YNJM), something like Assurians: that magnifies (YD) the visual form (zura) of smaller, like Zarpat style, such revelations in Jerusalem, to extremities (SP) in Separd style; they sprinkle (RSS) and there is visual sign (AT) revelation for the observing of heights (HN, GBH)
21 and liberators will ascend to mountain of Zion, to make discerning (or inquiries in lecanomancy, attempts to understand concerning future events) such visual sign in white cavity of reflections of Esau style- and the kingdom will be God’s

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