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Book of Nahum in Bible in Modern English 2008

The 1:1 notices Nahum being Elqeshaite- they were known still among the time of formative Christianity and some of their documents are known partially (see esp. Schneemelcher) and therefore they surely have special importance for study of prophesy, also prophesy of the early Jewish Christianity. Furthermore, 1:1 writes the Book of being prophesy of Nineve, and the 2:9 describes Nineve being full water-pond: thus the whole Book of Nahum is clearly treatise concerning prophesies in full water bowls (and lamps- glass cups and bowls were used as lamps, mostly filled with water for cooling, with some oil there floating for light).
1:2-3 LEKANE water bowls, they are clefts of glass for magnifying; magnification styles mentioned are ARK, AP, GDL, joter and ZR. The consonantal language of 1:2-3 could notice theology of Cain- QJN means producing, artifacts; something for producing of bowls also.
1:3b YNN divination: DR ball formed window vessels and RGL observations
1:4-14 LISTS of methods of YNN DIVINATION with four mentions: method; type of reflection; vessel; noetic status of observer
1:4 MLL and PRH growth; SN doubling and BA water-reflection; LBN white vessel; KR understanding
1:5 TBL/JBL method; PN reflection; magical MGG molten vessel; JRY revelation
1:6 QM method; NAP/AP visions; lamp of flame; NZH surprise
1:7-8 TB method of YZ advises ; zura and shadow reflections; maqom vessel; HS intellect
1:9-10 NHS method; BA and YS water reflections; KS cup; BN understanding and Mh what-ness
1:11 MZA method; YZ advises; MLA full vessel; HSB thought
1:12-13 YNN DIVINATION; angelic done reflections of SBR, NTH and YL magnifying; GZ hewn vessel; truthful and sureness (KNN)
CONCLUSION 1:14 MSA prophesy method; ZRY stretched; fire in water-bowl; ZW knowledge
Method of observing; type of vessel; style of magnifying
2:1 RGL observing; HG hewn vessel; ASP magnifying
2:2 ZPH observing, DR ball vessel; QM and AMZ magnifying
2:3 ZMR miracles; BQ bottle; QM magnifies
2:4 demut visions; MGN magical vessel; GBR magnify
2:5 HZ observing; KB globule vessel; SQ magnify
2:6-7 magical observing of Hekhal (Sanctuary); DR ball formed KS cup of ZK glass; tam complete keen seeing MHR
2:8 GL revealing of MH whatness; Greek style water bowl; YL magnify
2:9 VERY IMPORTANT, because Nineve is mentioned already 1:1
2:9 PN visions; Nineve: bowl full of water with light; YMD pillar visions
2:10 demut visions; KB globule vessel; QZ limits magnified
2:11 HLHL glass-observing; BQ bottle and water-bowl; QBZ magnify
2:13 AR light and diaresis
2:14 observe YS reflections in NR lamp of KB globule form, NBY stretched- small are thus magnified
3:1 demut visions in the NHS divination method; growing
3:2 small is NTH spread; effects of Merkava (those Merkavot, see Zechariah)
3:3 JHB prophetic producing for PRS magnifying in bowl of light
3:3b KAVOD-appearances from KS cups, magnified to uttermost QZ limits
3:4 magical practices of observing in PH blown KS cups of glass
3:5 neum prophesy, increased PN appearances
3:8 Noah (well known for planting wine and drinking wine), his special skill
3:9 mighty KS cup, compared with Egyptian cup
3:10 KS cup makes revelations, and GM and GDL magnifies
3:11 visual sign from wine cup SKR is GM magnified
3:12-13 magnifying in KNS collections; PL miracles
3:14 water-reflections BA, QM magnified
3:15 visions from magnifying windows; even of small locusts
3:16 seeing stars; and seeing locusts (seeing tube) and YP magnifying
3:18 Assurian style visions of Shekina in DR ball formed vessels, magnifying by Spirit
3:19 magnifying in vessels of treasures; and making measurements

NAHUM CHAPTER ONE1:1 Prophesy of Nineve, concerning counting (SPR) –visions(HZh), of Nahum the Elqeshaite (the Elqeshaites were knownin the times of 100AD still, but I do not speculate heremore, see Schneemelcher etc. NOTABLE is that Nineve isdescribed being full water-pond in Ch. 2: 9, thus thisprophesy is describing explicit phenomena of fullwater-ponds and bowls!) 1:2 God is God in LEKANE (LQN), such cleansed cleft of glassfor waters (NQQ cleft of rock, NQJ clean), God for thecleansed cleft of glass for waters (NQM), for theincreasings (YL) of the fiery (HMh) the cleansed cleft ofglass, such is God, for such strengthening (ZR) in suchcontainer (NTWR esp cf. JWTR, joter, increases, esp inQohelet) for this stone-vessel1:3 God makes lengthening (ARK) by the increases from waters(AP-JM)- it has magnifying power (GDL, KH) and it iscleansed (NQ) and for recitations (ANQ) for God, byuttermost words and by means of its being window (SYR) ofball-form (DR, thus seeing-place of ball form) thus itproduces prophesies (YNN) being such place like bottle (A,BQ) for observations (RGL) 1:4 this is cavity that makes revelations (G, YR) by meansof waters (BJM) even being itself dry, and the vessel ofwater-streams is such white glass cavity (HR) for thewater-reflections (BA) and makes utterances (MLL) in doubles(SN); such understandable (KR) utterances and growths (PRH)from the white-vessel (LBN) are in the places of sayings1:5 white-cavities of waters (HR) take curtain (JRY) from infront (MMNW) and these convex-instruments (GBY) made bymelting (MGG thus, glass, cf. magic) of the earthly, giveprophesy from the visions (PN) and the tube-looking (TBL ofJBL, horn or seeing-tube, thus telescope) and vessel ofmaking reflections1:6 in front is the surprising (NZh) heaping (YM) of watersin their heaping, and the water is magnifying (QM) by meansof the white-cavity (HR) of increased visions (NAP of NPvision and AP, increase) and this fiery lamp gives, in beingflame the strengthening by waters because rocks are brokenup1:7 God is so well doing (TB) the strengthening by waters(YZ, M) by help of the form-giving (zura) illumination(JWM); and thus is known the intelligible (HS) 1:8 concerning what is only small (TP) the vessel makes thechange (YBR), it reflects, this magnifying place (QM andmaqom) of stone-material and pursues further theshadow-visions1:9 the what-ness (Mh) that you, God, make in thedivinations (NHS) in understandable manner (BN): God, Godwith vessel-examination (KL) makes reflections (YS); withoutmagnifying the double magnifying with power1:10 because the water-bowl (SR, JM) makes magnifications(YD), this container (SB) for waters, makecup-water-reflections (KS, BA) by this container (SB) ofwaters, the form-giving vessel (A-KL of the AWh, form, marketc) being hardened dry vessel filled with water (MLA) 1:11 from you visually is coming (JZA) the thoughts (HSB),the increasings by God, such observation (RY) for advise (YZ)produce of increases (YL) 1:12 thus says God: if you have the completed from thewater-pond (SLM) and truthful magnifications by waters andsure (KNN) from hewn stones (GZ) then the changes (YBR) andyour divinations (YN) you vessel-examine (TKL) in the placeof your divinations (YNN) with the magnifications (YD) 1:13 in that moment I will multiply (SBR) the stretching(NTh) of your increases (YL), such angelic works (SR) inmidst of the vessel of straightness1:14 and concerning your magnifications, God instructs you(ZW); do not make stretching (ZRY) in prophetical ideas(MSA) from yourself, but increase (YD) from the House ofYour God; but I will cut off carved idol and molten image;and the fire-flame in the water-pond of the thinwater-container (QB, cf. KB globule and JQB bowl) will give utterancesNAHUM CHAPTER TWO2:1 Observe! The white-glass cavities (HR) are increasing(YL) for examinations (RGL) by help of angels (SR), socomplete for the festivals of Judah, really, your round bowls(HG) have so complete heaps of water (ND); and the vesselmagnifies (ASP) further (YD) for making changes for your,such is the increasing produce (BL, or JBL, the horn orseeing-tube) of increases (YL) of your vessels, forunderstanding (KR) 2:2 and the increasing from the open-vessel (PZh, open; cf. the Egyptian ritual of the opening of the mouth whereby crystal bowls were used!) theincreasing of appearances for you (PN), and thus these arestrengthened I the strengthener (MZR); such seeing (ZPh) inthe ball-vessel (DR) being vision (HZ) in cavity theincreases (QM) like dream-vision (NM); such mighty force(AMZ), that makes multitudes (meod) 2:3 because God reflects (SB) the visual sign (AT); andJacob is very wise (gaon) because the bottle (BQ) magnified(QM)- really, the bottle magnifies! (BQ, QM) Their miracles(ZMR) are like swimming (SHh) 2:4 the magical convex-instrument (MGN, shield, of convexform usually, and the word of magic) in itsstrengthening-power (GBR) makes such manifold (MA) visions(demut), and the vessels (AN) of glass (S, HL) of luxuryware (TLY, purple, sign of luxury) by fire-flame of the holymiracles (PL, DT), this globule (KB), the white-glass-cavity(HR) in the light produces, such water-pond (BR, JM) isthere hanging (hanging globule of glass, used to be glasslamp) 2:5 the white glass-cavities (HR) of the globule form (KB)give glass-examinations (HLL) by their dividing method (HZJ,thus could be diaresis, dividing the genus into species byobserving the specific differences distinguishing thespecies of a genus) and they make multiplicity so much(hitpael of SQSQ, the SQ denotes plenty) in the extensions (RHB), their visionsare like from a LAPIDUS-stone (thus, stones; usu, torches.Stone of convex form; Egyptians had the cult of scarabs,evidently a convex stone- and its Greek name is, KANTHAROSthat also denotes glass cups) being like magnifying (QM)water-ponds (BR) of special keenness (RZ, thus OKSUS, bequick and be keen) 2:6 in glass-examination (ZK), see (RA) by the ball-formed(DR), the KS-cup is of convex form (LB) and is of glass(HL); in so complete (tam) keenness (MHR) its sides whenthey make the presence (SKK)2:7 such windows (SYR) of water-streams are these visions(NP), and the Hekhal (Sanctuary, notice name KL included,and later Hekhalot literature) is so magical (NMG) 2:8 and the outer appearance (HZ) becomes in the revelation(GL) in such increase, and the place of what-ness (Mh)occurs in their practices (MNhG), like what is small inGreek-style water-ponds is floating widened and magnified (TP,PT) in increases (YL) by their convex-instrument (LB) (TP,drum, tambourine and JTP floating honey; and PT of PTh makewide and interpret; and Noah had son Japhet) 2:9 and Nineve is like pool of water with lights (n.b. fourletter Mem, very special); and those are miracles fromwater-pond, those standing like pillars (YMD), and theirappearance (PN) is so keen (AJN)2:10 by means of the fullness of the open cup (ZZ, fullness,abundance; and ZBB small insects and whirling around), andby means of the fullness in the golden vessel, are so keeneven the uttermost limits of objects (QZ) in the production(HKN) of the globule (KB) of the visions (demut) this vesselof vessel-examining (KL, KL) of such expensiveness (glasswas expensive) 2:11 and the bottle (BQ) is empty, and producing (BL) by itscavity emptiness (QW) of convex-form (LB) of molten material(NMS), and the open eyes (PQ) of the water-pond (beraka) ofmagnifying glass (HLHL) in this vessel are given, and theappearances (PN) in these vessels are so collected (QBZ),magnified in illumination 2:12 this is place of visual power (MYWN) of illuminationsand observations, this is like bowl (KPR) of waters thatmethodically illuminates for making there water-reflections(BA), a cavity of seeing (RA) by Spirit, and so keen (MHR)instrument (JD)2:13 the light (AR) divides (TRP) by what is there, andunderstanding in clearness, with water-reflections whenfull, and divides (TRP) in this white-vessel-cavity that hasthe seeing-power for dividing (thus, diaresis, dividinggenus and species by the specific differencies) 2:14 Observe! To you such is the prophetical word from Godof multiplications, and the stretching (NBY) of visions bymeans of reflections (YS) of the lamp (NR) of globule form(KB), such container (KP) of thin quality; you will makeform-giving vessel-examinations (A-KL) with the white-cavity(HR) and thus understandings of earthly and dividing even ifnot so comprehended, increases from small, by help of angelsNAHUM CHAPTER THREE3:1 there is revelation (YR) of visions (demut) bywater-bowl-vessels (JM, KL) with this divination-method(NHS), these growing products of full (MLA) cavity theplace of waters that makes divisions (TRP) 3:2 what is small- that is spread (NTh); and what is smallin observation, that is increased in round-vessels (APN),and what is tiny like moth (SS) is so much in glass-cavity(DJ, HR); and Merkaba is MRQD3:3 the stretching is for increasing (PRS, MYL) and forgiving prophesy (JHB) is the white-cavity with lights (BRQ)of wealth, and the increasing in the glass-vessel (HLL)gives the appearance (KBD) even if faint (PGR); and so keenare the uttermost limits (QZ) in the cavity of the KS-cup ofconvex form (LB)- that is such complete cavity3:4 in the magnification of glass-examinations (ZNN) is thegood glass-examination such living in increasing of openKS-cup water-container that makes understandings by being acavity of waters (G, JM) by glass-bowl-examinations (ZNN)from these blown vessels (PH) by means of their magicalpractices (KSP) 3:5 Observe! Your God, the Divine word (NAM) from God ofmagnifications, and revelations of appearances in increasingof your appearance (YL, PN); thus I showed inwater-bowl-cavities (G,JM) your revelations (YR) and themethods of being in the cavities (LWN denotes inhabiting,like malon) 3:6 the methodical thinking (HS, hLK) of your increases (YL)in such multitude (SQ) of your outer veil (ZM) that isspecially seen (JBL the horn, thus seeing-tube, ortelescope) in midst of what is in midst of visions3:7 and it will happen that your vessels for seeing (KL, RA)will be so full (NDD) of your waters; and the description(AMR) that are from the fullness (NDD) of Nineve (cf. 2:9Nineve like water-pond full of water, and the whole prophesyof Nahum concerns Nineve, in 1:1), the water is so plentifulin that; with keenness (AJN) the place of bottle (BQ) withthe oil of living (SMN) and water, this is for you!3:8 are you better than the Noah-made of skill (TEKHNE) thatreflects (SB) by being fountains and waters all around therewhat is glass-cavity (HL); it is a water-fountain of waterswith sides3:9 the KS-cup is so mighty; and in the Egyptian cup evenlimits are keen. Put: white-glass of water-ponds were intheir might (YZ) for making seeing3:10 it makes magnifications (GM) for revelations (GL) somethodically (HLK) reflecting the magnification (GM) in suchincreases (YLL); from small pieces (RTS) is created (BRA)what is vessel of seeing of the outer and increasing (YL)of appearances; such instrument (JD) of the divination(goral, very difficult term with even Stoic allusions,fatum, the fate, something not so much concerningpredetermination of events but more expressing theorderliness of events according to some rules andpossibility for conditionals) and vessel of magnifying (GDL)and coherent joining of the fullness (B,ZZ, fullness) thatis magnified3:11 the visual sign from the wine-drinking-cup (SKR) ismagnified (GM)- thus is increased its what-ness and thevisual sign (AT) from your bottles (BQ) is magnified (GM),that is from strengthening power (MYZ) from that material 3:12 and the vessel of strengthening (MBZR) will givedream-visions (NM) such heaping for making understandingwith waters; if in seeing those miracles (PL) are done forincreases in the open form-giving vessels (P, AKL) 3:13 Observe! The heaping (YM) is in collections (KNS) bythe water-pond, this magnifying bottle (BQ, RB) of yours, ofstone-material; and what is explainable (PTH meansinterpreting and explaining also) these windows makeinterpreted (nif PTH) the keen seen places; the form-givingvessels with fire-flame in pond makes the instructions (HK,HNK) 3:14 the water that in this strong-vessel (MZR) ofstone-material makes to you visions (HZ) of magnifications(QM) with the special strength, makes water-reflections (BA)in that made of dust (TT) , and increase (RM) bylooking-around (SB) by help of this dust (TT); and observe(HZ) cavities in the white-glass3:15 there your form-giving vessel-examinations (A-KL) arewith fire-flame making understanding to you, in thewhite-cavities (HR) and your form-giving vessel-examinations(A-KL) from locust (small) are so that it will appear likelocust (JLQ) but appearing like in magnifying-window(aruba)3:16 your merchants have magnified concerning stars ofheaven (that is, they have watched stars withmagnifications, with a seeing-tube), and the locust, evenbeing so small, is increased (YP, heap etc) 3:173:18 King of Assur, your visionaries (RY, shepherdsespecially were keeping watch over the sheep) seedream-visions (NM) and the Shekina-presence is in yourball-formed place (DR), and its Spirit makes heaping likeincreasing by white glass-cavities; and vision is keen inthose heaping-instruments3:19 the power of glass makes so keen (HL) for magnifying(SBR) in truth, and the glass-examination (HL) and in yourtreasures (NKT) the vessels make known in your revelations(NQY) of containers in increases, because water makesincreases but not changing, and your visionaries makemeasurements for you

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