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Book of Qohelet (Ch. 1-6) in Bible in Modern English 2008

1:1 Words/Theories of the Collector (who heaps, does magnifications), of Understanding (BINA), David, King in Jerusalem (rendering the BN qua bina, understanding, releases these words to be words of David himself; but evidently is clear also that reading that this Collector was son of David)
1:2 Wind-blast (HBL); the water-bowl is made from wind-blast (HBL)- this noticed the Collector Magnifier- wind-blast (HBL), the water-bowl of wind-blast, this vessel if of wind-blast (The HBL denotes evaluation of vanity- vanitas- or concretely breath and spirit, here in context of glass that is blown by blast)
1:3 The what-ness (of things the TI ESTI), this is for humans the result of magnifications (JITRON) by means of vessels (KL), with their efforts, that they are making under this bright light-source- this glass ball (DWR) (light for magnifications, thinking this vessel itself being glass lamp, thus a light source)
1:4 With methodically doing (hLK) the glass ball (DWR) makes water-reflections (BA cf. BBWA) of the earthly matters, and this appears in this globule (YLM)
1:5 This bright light rises, this bright light casts the reflections (BA, cf BBA), to this magnification (QWM) that is so strong, this increasing container (AP-denotes also, in addition, and something compassing and enclosing) from spirit is there (blown glass ball)
1:6 And with this methodical doing, God in the glass-ball light (DWR-JWM) makes turnings and reflections (sBB turn, turn around and cf. SB little different), He makes the turnings and reflections for the observations (ZPh), God makes turnings (SBB) and reflections; thus the Spirit makes reflections methodically (sBB hLK hRWH), making increases in these turnings and reflections (YL- sBB), thus Spirit makes reflections (SB hRWH)
1:7 this vessel of water-streams, these do methodically in the waters (hLK-JM); and The God doing with the water-bowls- the water-bowl is His vessel (AJN cf so similar the YJN eye, thus, relating vessel AJN and eye YJN), and when it is full, God makes the magnifications (QWM) because the water-streams function methodically (hLK) there, they make the reflections (SB) in this method
1:8 and the vessel, the prophetical speaking (DBR) are their accomplishment; but without the flame of fire being able to speak/utter this seeing-instrument (YJN) will not do stretching (SBY) for visions (LRAT), and without its being filled (of water)- Hear this!
1:9 And the what-ness (Mh) of that what exists (S-hJh) is that what will there appear (S-JhJh); and the what-ness in the double-reflections (SN-YSh) is what there will be reflected. The new vessel is so keen-seeing (AJN, KL, HDS) under the bright light-source (considering glass-lamps, new glass lamps were clear, of course)
1:10 And the manner of existence (JS) of the thing is that what is uttered in this vision (Rah-zh) of this new (vessel); this is like its manner of existing (hJh) in clear manner (BR), in this glass globule of waters; this is its manner of existence in front of our vision
1:11 Thus the glass in purity (ZKRWN, the zKR usually clean and pure) is keen-seeing (AJN) for seeing in the doubles (LRA- SNJM); and also the magnifications (GMM) of the reflections like dream-visions (NWM) that occur, even if such glass-purity (zKRWN) does not occur for them, when they occur in reflections like dream-visions (NWM)
1:12 I was doing collecting and magnifications while being king in Jerusalem, in Israel.
1:13 And I devoted my vision-sign-instrument (LB) to making examinations (DRS) and to making increases (TR cf. joter and jitron); and by wise methods, the vessel does the increases (YL); and this is what becomes reflected (YSh) under that what is water-bowl; and this is divination-idea (YNJN) magnified-observation (RY), given by God to white vessels (LBN, white, whiteness, thus white glass) of humans, that they make divinations (YN) by that instrument (BW)
1:14 And I was watching the visual sign from the vessel (AT, KL), the reflection-of-water-bowl (MYS-JM) that was reflected under this bright light. And I made observations (hNh)!!! And the vessel was of blown glass (hBL, the breath and blast, these materially contained in the formation of blown glass vessel), and the magnified visions (RY) were given by Spirit!
1:15 But that what is crooked cannot be made straight, and that what is small, cannot be well measured (describes those in the magnified water-visions, too)
1:16 And thus I spoke incantations to my convex heart formed vessel (LB), saying that I WILL MAKE OBSERVATIONS (hNh)!! I make magnifications, I make increases!!! And the Wisdom will be increased, in the Vessel (HKM, YL, KL)! This is what I had in appearances of my visions in Jerusalem. And my seeing-instrument (LB) thus saw magnifications (hRBh)- this is Wisdom and Understanding!
1:17 And this special visual sign (OT-Nh) of ATON style (cf. the Egyptian deity) stretched from my convex seeing-instrument (LB) is for Understanding and Wisdom. For Understanding- the glass-cavity-examinations (hLLWT), and that-of-vessels (S-KLWT) I understood, because they make increases of this (GMM). This is idea from divination (RYJWN) from the Spirit!
1:18 Because, in magnifications, there is Wisdom- the increases (RB) of the special Cup (KWS is the cup normally), it makes increases (ASP), the Understanding, and increases from what is like stone.
2:1 And I said in my heart, LEKANE!! (Lekane, the Greek name of bowl usual in bowl-divination- the lecanomancy , here LKh-Nh), I will make miracles (Ns) thus concerning the understandable, and make visions in your good quality! And I observed!!! (HNH) And it (the Lekane) magnified (GM-hWA), being of blown glass! (HBL)
2:2 and to that of carved stone vessel (carving of stone is HQ) I said: I will make glass-bowl examinations (hLL) concerning what is understandable, and this made reflection-visions (YSh) of the what-ness (can be including the differentia for the diaresis method, seen here in more detail)
2:3 And by means of my convex Heart-instrument I made magnifications (TR , thus the joter and jitron) for making watching of the what-ness (Mh and SKh that also denotes observing like ZPh), this my means of wine-cup (or-this seen through the wine; we know that water/wine filled cups and bottles magnify, here LMSWK BJJN) the visual sign with help of Angel (SR). And my Heart-instrument was acting in method of Wisdom, and to that I was so keen watching (A-Hzh) by means of understanding (SKL) that make increases of what I see. This is good place for humans, built by men, that produces reflection-visions under the water-bowl (S-MJM), and makes thus such growing from these molten glass vessels (MS, PR), from these living waters.
2:4 And I made magnifications (GDL), the reflected-pictures of understanding (bina), in places of water-ponds (B-BJT-JM); and I made stretching (NTY) for me in the walls of the water-ponds (KJR, MJM)
2:5 And I made reflection-pictures in LEGANOS-bowls (LGNWT, cf. Lekane-bowl before in 2:1, the Lekane being the usual name of bowl in bowl divination), and the Pardesim (this word denotes Babylonian flourishing gardens, but very difficult to render), and in their method I stretched (NTY) the councils, in these vessels of blossoming-growth
2:6 And I reflected in ponds of water-bowls, and these magical incantations (LHS) for cavity-containers, from them was revealed (YR) the miraculous growth (ZMH, very difficult word) of the tree-like (YZ) in the water-ponds
2:7 I acquired (QN; notably often this denotes production of visions from vessels) those made for water-ponds, and those of blown glass (PH), and built places, and for me there were increases in the properties; and the bottles were producing visions (JZa-Nh) in magnifications, this was for me from the vessels (KL) that I had for my visions, in Jerusalem.
2:8 And for likeness of miracles (NS) were for me magnifying the silver and gold objects, and the full vessels of basket form (SGL), those of kings, and I made reflection-visions for me with different angels (SR), and the divination-cavities (YN-G), those built by men, the Sidonian glassware (SDh- for Sidon, the place in the whole Ancient world famous for its high quality glass-ware, with famous glass artists, Enneas etc.)
2:9 And I made magnifications, and I made increases (GDL, ASP) with the vessels (KL) that were there for my visions, in Jerusalem. More and more (AP) I was wise, in the visions of magnitudes (Y-MDh)
2:10 And the Vessel to which my eyes made the inquiries (SAL), not only I made shadow-visions (ZL) from those, not only I made stretching of the visual sign from the Heart-instrument (AT, LB); this occurred from the vessel of that what is understandable, because my heart-instrument produced more understandable things from those of the vessels of toil-method (YML). This was how I made the distinctions (HLQ, possibly here directly refers to some knowledge of Greek method of DIARESIS for knowledge) from the vessels of the toil-method.
2:11 And then I looked at the vessels, the vessels of reflection (KL, YS), in these instruments of my toil-research vessels (YML seems to be name of method of researching by making observations, usu YML denotes toiling) where I made toil-research to make reflections (YS). And I made observations! (hNh) The vessel was of blown glass (KL, HBL), and the visual observations (RY) were given by the Spirit (RWH). And it produced a keen magnification (jitron) under this bright light.
2:12 and I made visions by the vessel, to see, the Wisdom, and I made thus glass-bowl examinations (hLL) and vessel-understanding (sKL denotes qualities of intellect, and KL denotes vessels). Because the what-ness, man will make reflections (BBWA) according to the method (MLK, cf. hLK) of visual signs (OT); and this is for the purity (BR) of the reflections.
2:13 And I saw in the vessel (AN) that what exists (JS) in magnified form (jitron), this is for Wisdom, one kind of vessel-wisdom (sKL includes KL for vessels), in the magnifications (jitron) that brings into light (hAR) what is in shadows (HSK)
2:14 The wise man has thus eyes concerning the small beginnings (ARKHAI, cf. RAS), and this cup (KS cf here the sKL before) for me, by means of the shadow-pictures (HSK) produced methodically (hLK). Thus I knew- the vessel was making increases (GMM), that arising from this cooled (QRh) vessel, after it had been cooled (cf glass blowing), were the visual signs of vessels of water-bowls (KL-JM)
2:15 and I said by means of the vessel (AN), by means of the heart formed convex vessel, the magnitudes of this cooled vessel (QRh, KMh), and the cup for me (Ks-L) was now cooled (QRh) and it was magnifying vessel (AN-GM), and thus my recitations (QRh) to the water-pond were of wisdom; Then the vessel magnified (JTR) things of the world (TBL) for me. This is how a blown-glass vessel (hBL) does magnifications (GM)
2:16 because for the wise man the glass-purity (zKRWN) is so keen in the cup (KS), in this increasing container (YLM includes YLh and JM etc), being KB globular vessel in these reflecting water-ponds (JMJM BAJM), this vessel of miracle of strength (NS-KH), and this is how the water-pond works (Th, JM) for wisdom, in this cup-container.
2:17 And the doubling of the visual sign (SN-AT) is visual sign from the Living waters, because the observation of increases are in the reflections (MYSh) that are reflecting (NYSh) under this bright light-source- because the vessel is made of blown glass (hBL) and the observation (RY) is given by the Spirit (RWH)
2:18 And I made doubled visual signs (SN-AT), the signs of the vessel of toil-examinations (YML) that is vessel (AN) of toil-examinations under the bright light. It is vessel of stillness (NH); and this concerns also human matters that occur in the future (cf. lecanomancy is divinatory method that often claims also predicting the future events)
2:19 and the water of wiseness will know the future events, the fiery cup (AS-KL, thus glass cup used as glass lamp), and the existing (JS) are to good quality (TWB); the vessel of toil-method that I examined in toil-method (YML), and its revealing (SH) of magnitudes (KMWT), under the bright light; this makes magnifications, being of blown glass (hBL)
2:20 And I turned around this fiery flame and the visual sign (glass cup being glass lamp, thus such turning means that one is turning around a water filled glass cup), and my Heart-formed instrument made increases (YL), this vessel of increases, such is my toil-method that I made toil-examinations (YMLTJ) under the bright light
2:21 And such cup for human beings (here I would distinguish between Ks, KS and KYS being different types of glass cups), where they make toil-examinations with method of wisdom and understanding, and by means of cup of ideas (KS-rajon); even for man who does not do the toil-method with this cup will such divisions be given (HLQW); this magnifies, being of blown glass (HBL), and the visions are magnified (cf. in this statement often Spirit mentioned, the RWH)
2:22 By means of the Vessel of toil-method (revealed) that what will happen to man; and from the divination-idea (rajon) from his heart-instrument that he toil-examines under the bright light (n.b. the YML denotes generally toil, and here translated as toil, done in the process of doing examinations and observations)
2:23 because the vessel of water-ponds, from those that are like stone-vessels, the ponds, and the special cup (KYS cf KS, the cup) of his divinatory ideas, it magnifies in the night-time (LJLh, that is, glass lamp produces flame for light, and also being water-filled glass-cup, it produces magnified visions through the water), for the flame of the KB globular vessel, his heart-instrument, This magnified, and it is of blown glass (hBL)
2:24 and the keenness (AJN), from the good vessel, for the man, this prophetic vessel (SA cf NSA the prophecy): it makes doubles of the visions (ST), and shows good visual sign because of Spirit, when done toil-examinations (YML). It magnifies, and I saw in this vessel (AN) the “how much” (KMh); It is instrument (JD) of God.
2:25 because in waters I was doing the vessel-examinations (AWH, KL, thus form giving vessel examinations), and the water was prophetical, seen (HZ) from me
2:26 Human-made vessels (KL) when good, they produce Wisdom in vision appearances of them, and understanding, and those understandable, and the flame (LHT) gives divination-idea (YN) for making magnifications (ASP); and the LEKANOS (LKNWS) is there for giving good visual appearances. In front of God, this makes magnifications, being of blown glass (HBL), and the observation (RY) is given by the Spirit.

3:1-8 (comments: much consideration is needed for translating this list. But VERY notable is that the list usually consists of words YT L-XXX, that can be read containing YTL, the root denoting multitude, thus being directly relevant to these ideas of magnified visions, and when the YTL thus comprehended, the list denotes that there are measurable differences of measures of different occurrences and methods of establishing the measurings for different occurrences; of course, normally we read the YT denoting time, the proper time, or KAIROS)
3:9 the what-ness (Mh); this is from the magnification (jitron) in reflections (YS) in the means someone makes toil-researches (YML)
3:10 I saw the visual sign (AT), the prophetic idea (YNJN) that God has given in the white vessels (LBN), so that man makes by its means (BW) divinations
3:11 and the visual sign (AT) from the vessel reflected (YS), from this blown vessel (PH), in its time it magnifies, and increasing the visual sign in the glass-globe (YLM), He gave in their white vessels (BLBNM, the LBN denoting white and white vessels, thus vessels of white glass that were distinctively known for quality) so that reflected. What man does not visually produce (MZA) the visual sign of reflection (AT, YS), this is anyhow reflected by God, increasing from the small beginnings (RAS) to the completeness (possibly RAS- SWP denotes some idea of teleological growth, so well known in Aristotelian thought)
3:12 And I knew that the keen seeing (AJN) of good quality (tWB) is by means of the water-bowls (BJM), because for name of understanding to reflect well
3:13 and the human-made vessels made magnifications (GM), these vessels of emptiness (KL, SWA), they doubled (ST), and the seeing was good, by means of the vessels of toil-examination (YML), this is the spreading (MTH) made by God
3:14 and I knew that vessel that reflects (YS), and God, He remains to Eternity, and in the glass-globe they increased so keenly (YL), to make increases (ASP); and from what is restrained, God reflects a keen vision; from it this is seen
3:15 And the what-ness of the existent (hJh) is thus in the KB globule vessel (the KBB denotes ball, and KBh denotes being quenched, and extinguished, thus referring to lamps, and KBR denotes being much and many, these words thus being relevant for discussing magnified visions appearing in water-filled glass bowls that were oil lamps, film of oil floating on the water); and what is coming-to-being, it appears also in much in its being; and God makes bottle-examinations (BQ) with those visual signs from the lamp (NR) of DP
3:16 this magnification I saw (YD), under the bright light this increasing for discerning (QM, n.b. QWh observe, QWM increase, and MQWh, the miqwe a water-fountain) whose what-ness was of visible beginnings (RS-Y); this was the increasing (QM) for Zaddiq of correct quality; there what-ness is of visible beginnings
3:17 and by the heart-instrument (possibly heart-formed instrument, a convex instrument) I described the visual sign of ZDQ quality, the visual sign of visible beginnings (RS-Y); God will make discerning (SPT) because the vessel makes so large (YTL denotes that, too) the vessel of delight (thus a wine-cup of glass?), this vessel increases (YL, KL) there the reflections
3:18 and by means of my heart-instrument I described (AMR) in increases that are of water-bowls (D-BR, Aramaism?) constructed by men, bowls to be water-ponds , and water-vessels (JM); and God will make seen what they are (ShM) in the walls (of the ponds), thus is seen the what-ness (hMh) given to them
3:19 because, the well (maqor) built by men, and the well (maqor) by whose walls (is seen) and the fountain- the magnitude from them (KMh) is similar. This is true of material things; this, one Spirit is in the vessel. And man makes magnifications (joter) by means of the sides. This is keen (AJN) because the vessel is of blown glass (HBL)
3:20 and the vessel produces methodically in one increasing-manner, even if the vessel is of dust, and even if the vessel reflects what is of dust
3:21 the water-pond thus knows, the Spirit of men-built, it makes the increases to more-increases (MYLh, or measured increases), and the Spirit, by the walls of the water-pond it makes stretched flat visions (RDD) of the earthly
3:22 and I saw, there was good quality keen seeing (AJN TWB) for the existent in understandable form to men, by means of reflections (MYSh), because this is the glass-cavity (HL-QW, cf HLQ recalls also dividing into parts, thus ideas of diaresis- method for knowing) for the waters of water-reflections (BA), for seeing in the waters what is behind that.
4:1 And I made reflections (SB), and I saw the visual sign (AT) from the vessel of magnifying reflections (QWM, YSh), that was being reflected (nif of YSh) on water-pond (JM), under this bright light (SMS). And I observed (hNh, something, I really was doing much to make observations)!!! What was small, was being reflected in magnifications (YSh, QWM), for them this was keen. And from their stillness, the magnitude was being reflected, in magnifications (YSh, QW), they had power of keenness (KH AJN), in their stillness (in calm water bowls visions appear clearly, of course)
4:2 And I praised this visual sign of material beings, whose KB measure was being increased (KB, RWM) from the living waters (HJ, JM), which are living waters of increases (YWD, the Nh denotes emphasis)
4:3 and the visual sign is so good in its doubled quality (MSN), that is for increases (YD); if it was not such, it would not be seen (LA hJh ASR LA Rah) in such visual sign of reflection in the observation (YS, RY) that was reflected under the light
4:4 and I was watching the visual sign (AT) from the vessel of toil-examination (KL, YML); and the visual sign of vessel-of-cup-of-ideas (KL KS RWN cf rajon), reflections, because this is a sign acquired from flame (glass cup used as glass lamp), from the observations. It magnifies, being of blown glass (GM, HBL), and the observations are from the Spirit.
4:5 The cup, the LUACH-tablet, and bottle (KS, LH, BQ)- these are the instruments (JD) of visual signs (AT). The vessel is place of visual signs by help of its Angel (SR)
4:6 And the container-cavity (KP) is good when being filled (MLA) in such complete stillness (TM, NH), the fullness of this hollow cavity (HPN)- the water-bowl (JM). And in the toiling-examinations are the observations given by the Spirit.
4:7 I made reflections in the vessel (SB, AN)- I was seeing in the blown glass (hBL), under the bright light (SMS)
4:8 That what exists- something-one, (one, the simplicity, contrasted with something being compound, esp in Aristotelian thought) it is no other- the understanding multiplies this (bina), and it has no comparison. Even the limits (QZ, limits of its appearance, its topos) are so keen seen in the vessel of toil-examination. Its seeing capacity (YJN) visually magnifies (GM) even if not in complete stretching (SBY) in all richness. And to the water-pond of vessel (LMJ, AN) is the toil-method of examinations (YML), and the understanding from Angel gives the visual sign for soul; from the good quality (of glass) this magnifies (GM), being of blown glass (hBL); and this is divination-idea for observations ((YNJN, idea and cf. YNN make divinations)
4:9 it is good to get doubled picture of that what is in oneness (e.g. some physical object, tree, olive etc), that what exists (ASR-JS); to those this is good reward for the toil-examinations
4:10 like if in miracle (PL) that something-one (AHD translated denoting even some physical objects, thus, something, something seemingly one and simple) will be magnified (QWM), in visual united sign (HBR- we know that glass of not good quality produces disrupted visions of simple physical objects) even if it is a something-one that is miraculously treated (PL), not two, this is for making increasing (QWM)
4:11 and this does the magnification (GM) of what exists (JS), of its KB-measures (KBW) to doubles; and in the wall (side of the bowl) this distinction for those (HM, and hM, small distinction of letters) concerning something-one (AHD), this is how it becomes reflected in the wall (side of the bowl)
4:12 even if its organized visual form (tekufa, here: organized visual form) is in its oneness and simplicity, and the doubled vision is standing (amud) even if being opposite to that; even if a line that is three-fold (magnified) is not established in the keenness of visions (MhR, and TM cf. tekufa)
4:13 good (vision) is produced from the Presence (cf. Shekina) and the wise do methodically the glass-examinations (zQ), and the cup is for what is not known, to make increases (YWD) in bright illumination (zHR)
4:14 and how much (KMh) is the physical place (BJT here read denoting place of something like the TOPOS in Stoic physics) the pot, the water-bowl (SR, JM) makes seen (JZA) in this method, because increases are produced by means of this method, being of visual beginnings (RS, ARKHAI, small visual beginnings)
4:15 I saw a visual sign from the vessel of pond of living waters (HJ, JM) and they are products of the examinations of water-pond (MhLK, JM) under the bright light (SMS), and with this was produced/born the double-picture that stood under it
4:16 and even the outer limits (QZ) are so keenly seen in the vessel of visions-of-waters (YJ, JM) with the vessel that was doing the magnifications in their vision (LPNJ); it magnified, (GM) what is placed behind it (AHR); and their existence does not become understandable (JS, MH) by this method, because this magnifies (GM), being of blown glass, and the divination-idea is given by the Spirit.
4:17 And be diligent (SMR) when doing Your examinations (RGL means walking, walking around, thus doing examinations like the spies, KATASKOPOI) whenever you make these methodically in the House of Lord, and do these near-visions to hear of that given by the cup with water-containing near the altar, because the water-bowl is so keen (AJN) and makes known, when making the reflections of the observed visions (RY)
5:1 God makes hastily (BHL cf. OKSUS, thus- keen) the increases in Your open vessels, and Your convex instrument (LB) God makes so keen-seeing (MhR) that they bring out (JZA) visions of things in front of God, because God is working by means of that what is the water-bowl (B-S-MJM), and its visual sign (AT) makes increases of what is earthly (ARZ), increases truthfully- and this occurs for Your small things
5:2 because the reflection (BA) of the dream-vision (HLWM, notice likeness to HL, glass) is in the magnitude of the divination-idea (injan), and the cavity of LEKANOS (the consonants LKS there, and the consonant nun has special peculiarities, cf mss.), is for being means of multiplicity of magnification
5:3 when you make ball-examination (DR; this seems here more plausible translation than the nedarim, concerning wows) with help of God, do not delay to conclude that (SLM) because the keenness from the pleasure (cup of pleasure, wine-cup?) by means of the cup that is for water-container (KS-L-JM), the visual sign that You ball-examine (DR) in its completeness
5:4 that is good that You do not make ball-examinations of the prophetical visions from ball-examinations (MSA, TDWR) if they are not completed
5:5: God will give the visual sign from the opening with the flame (flame in the open glass bottle, the glass lamp), this visual sign with help of Your Angel (SR, Angel of bowl); but do not recite in vision of that Angel; the cup (KS) is magnifying cavity (GG, cf ideas of roof, and place of vision), for waters, the cavity for observations (Q, ZPh); and God, increasing in the cavity for You (the text contains LQ-LK); this is of blown glass (HBL), gives reflected visual signs (AT, YSh), for You
5:6 because in the magnification of dream-visions (HLMWT), and by blown glass (hBL), so, these are magnified things (DBR), because the visual sign (AT), God shows that.
5:7 if the reflections (YS) from the cooled vessel (QR), that is the cavity (G) for shadows (zL)- it shows for discerning (MSPT) in correct manner (ZDQ), in measure of calm, but do not complete the increase (TM, YL) by the vessel of delight, because it is so high (GBH) - the highness is from the increasing (MYL), when watched (SMR); their increases are highness coming from water-bowl (GBh-JM)
5:8 and for earthly/material things (ARZ), the magnification (jitron) is by vessels (B-KL), this is the method for Angelic waters (SDh has many meanings, referring to waters, behaviour with waters, and angelic beings) for the initiated (although this term is difficult)
5:9 and who likes the cup of miracles (KS-PL), the stretched forms (AWh and SBY), the cup, being open for waters (P- MJ) this preferred for multitudes, their visual sign (L-AT), and the water-reflection (BA) is magnified in this; and it is of blown glass (hBL)
5:10 in multiplication of good quality are multiplies the forms (AWh) in the vessel of waters (KL-JM), the cup of divination-ideas (KS-rajon); this convex-formed (LB, the human heart is obviously of convex form) increases, because it is with visions in its vision-power (YJNJW. More in Aristotelian De Sensu and in De Anima etc.)
5:11 and from its midst, the initiated (YBD, cf. terminology of cult) makes doubled pictures, from the little becomes much, the form-giving vessel (AW-KL) makes stretching, to richness of keen seeing; and the qualities (MN) from this glass-vision (HL) are in doubles (SN)
5:12 I was watching that what existed (something existent, like tree, or olive) in the glass-observation (RY-HL), under the bright light, there was reflection of the beginnings (RS, the ARKHAI); and the convex (LB) was increasing for the observations (YL, RY)
5:13 and in the deep-examinations (in the deep of the bowl, Abyddos), it is the Spirit that made the reflections; by means of divination-ideas (YNJN) of observations- and brought forth understanding (bina, BNA NBJD, thus NB, JD) by prophetical instrument, of magnitude and what-ness (MhWMA, cf. MAh)
5:14 and when it brought forth (JZA) the vision (MBt, cf hBt) of the ideas; the visual in increases will reflect even darker visions (LJL, the evening-like, thus darker vision), because from midst (TK) that what makes the water-reflections (S-BA). And what-ness and magnitudes (MAWMh) by means of toil-method of appearances (KBD cf DOKSA)
5:15 and this is magnified, observation from glass-bowl (RY, HL) and the vessel is like eye that reflects and thus brings forth the what-ness (Mh) in magnifications (jitron), that he toils by help of the Spirit
5:16 and the vessel of his water-pond makes the magnifications (GM, KL), in the place of cups; and the special cup (KYS cf normally KS) magnifies, in being of glass-visions (HL) of cavity of seeing (QW-ZPh)
5:17 And I observed (hNh)!!!! This is what I observed with a good vessel (AN) that was of blown glass (PH), to be form-giving vessel (A-KL, from the AWh, form etc), to make doubles and to make seeing well, by the toil-examining method of vessel-examinations (KL), that was toil-examined under the bright light- from vessels of molten glass such growths (MS, PR) in the living waters that God provides to that, because this is His glass-cavity-bowl (HL-QW)
5:18 And also a human-made vessel magnifies (GM) - God has given that- it is precious, and cup-container of waters (KS, JM); and he operates (SLt) that like form-giving vessel (AWh, KL) from it giving prophesies (NSA) of the visual signs from glass-cavitiy (HL-QW); and to succeed in these toil-examinations- that is given by God
5:19 The vessel is place of multitude, and it glass-shows (zKh cf. zKKJT the glass) the vision (RAT), the visual sign (AT) from the living waters, because God makes the divination (MYNh) by that place where He makes this enclosing (HTL)
6:1 The Observation of something-existent I was seeing under the light- it was magnified in this human magnification
6:2 and the flame by which God gives the reflection (YS) of growth in the cup of waters (KS-JM), then appearance (KBD) and its keenness (AJN) is in calmness of the container (SR), in front of what is from-the-vessel that makes forms (AW) not curved (SLT, also shield, thus usually curved or convex form); the God to this form-giving vessel (KL-A) from that because by the flame thus is known (NKR), the form-from-vessel (A-KL); this is of blown glass- this observation, it is from glass (HL)
6:3 if the flame produced a great multiplicity (MAh) of doubling for magnification, this being in its living (JhJh), and multiplied that how they exist (JhJW), the waters of doubling and vision of the sign (NP, SL, AT) stretched from what is the good TB device (N.B. the TWB seems to be here terminus technicus for some DEVICE and not merely denoting evaluation of the quality good; especially we know that teva/TBh was the ark of Noah, thus specially formed physical object, especially related to water- it is told also that Noah had special lamp in this teva; and tbl denotes the world, and AT is some special place/device of utterances etc. thus TWB here and in Ch. 8 of Qohelet seems to denote special device, now back to translation of 6:3) and also magnifies the cavity of fountain- I said that what was to that not appearing even from that coming is good the miraculous appearance (NP-PL)
6:4 the globule vessel (KB, cf. KBB etc) of blown glass (HBL) makes water-reflections (BA), and even from shadowy visions (HSK) it produces what its water gives in this cup (KS)
6:5 the bright light produces magnifications (GM, SMS) of what is not visible even if does not make known the examination-method coming to this, starting from that
6:6: these doings, the existent is in thousand-fold magnification-of-waters, in so many doublings (PYM) so good, isn’t it (hLA), this seeing; isn’t it the God who magnifies (QM)
6:7 the vessel of toil-examinations (KL, YML) from man by his spirit-blast (PH) and the soul makes magnifications even if being not completely filled (TM-MLA)
6:8 because the what-ness, it is in magnifications (joter), for the wise, from this cup for what-examining (KS-L-Mh) and with divination (YN) one knows, with the method, these told in the living waters
6:9 the vision-instrument with visual powers is TB (TB, the NAME of this instrument, or: the instrument is of good quality, reading the TB to be attribute), the Spirit working methodically makes magnifications. This is of blown glass (HBL) and observations are from Spirit.
6:10 The what-ness of the existing (hJh), the globule (KB) of growth reads (QRA) its substance (SM, in the thought of this time we know that name much revealed the substance of things, thus name is near to idea of ousia) and makes known what that is to man, even if man not making vessel-examinations to discern (LDJN) what is the organized visual appearance (TKP, tekufa) from that
6:11 because the manner of existing (or ousia) of things is so multiplied in this multiplication of blown glass vessel ( MRBh hBL): the what-ness appears in magnification (joter) to man6:12 because water makes known the what-ness, this is TB instrument (or-water knows in good manner)- this comes to man by means of living waters, from the vessel of molten glass such growth (MS, PR), from waters of life in their blown glass vessel (hBL) and reflections, like shadows (ZL), are what the water is magnifying (NGDL) for man, and what in its becoming (AHR) under the light

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