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Book of Qohelet (Ch. 7-12) in Bible in Modern English 2008

7:1 The TB instrument gives name (ousia) from the oil-examinations of goodness, this light from this light of bringing forth (the whole chapter describes much of this TB. Usually it is rendered to denote the quality of goodness, although well known are that teva is the name of the ark of Noah, thus TB denoting a very specific thing especially helpful with the waters; and the TBL denotes world. Therefore, here is translated the reading TB-INSTRUMENT, obviously a BOWL, especially, a bowl of specially good quality, the Good-instrument; and it is specified that the TB is PRODUCED by HQ, usually denoting carving of stone material; this context renders TB INSTRUMENT TO BE BOWL OF CRYSTAL; but here the rendering TB instrument is written, this following the consonantal text, although usually could be written CRYSTAL BOWL)
7:2 the TB instrument, God’s method (hLK) of this place of meadow (ABL), doing methodically, is divine place for doublings (ST), because it is increasing (ASP), this vessel for humans and God give the life in its convexity (LB, like convex)
7:3 the TB-instrument, such KYS-special cup (the consonants KYS normally denote wrath, although this context and similarity to KS, the cup generally, lead to this understanding) prophetical (MS) because it is carved (HQ), it is globule of visions (KB) and its turnings are good like convex-instrument (LB) (The TB read to denote a name of special instrument, not quality of goodness)
7:4 the convex-instrument for wisdom produces plain water reflections (BBT, ABL) being thus convex (ABLWLB where the LB denoting convex quality because of the form of heart) and reflected, such cup is for water-containing (KS, L, JM) for water-reflections (BBT) of what-is-of-understanding
7:5 the TB-instrument, for hearing from the cavity of revelations (YR) the wisdom, from flame hear from the angel of the cup-of-water-container (KS, L, JM)
7:6 because like the small appearing by the container (SR) of the waters (JM), appearing under the container (SR), similarly is for the carved (HQ) to be cup for magnifying (L-GM) and that is of blown glass (hBL) (thus compares the methods of visual producing of the SR cup here being of blown glass, and the HQ cup being carved, e.g. of crystal)
7:7 because the cavity makes reflections (YS), in seeing glass (hLL), are for wisdom, and the deep-examinations (ABD) give visual sign (AT) of convex-instrument (LB), their produce
7:8 the TB instrument makes the reflections of a thing in the vision of doubled (MRA, ST) and the TB instrument lengthens (ARK) by Spirit and makes higher (GBh), by Spirit
7:9 by help of the Spirit, God produces keen visions (BHL, hasty, thus OKSUS and thus noetic keenness) in the KYS special cup because the KYS cup, because of being carved (HQ; thus the cup of crystal) is a cup for being water-container (KS, L, JM) of calmness (KS is the normal consonants for a cup, but the KYS obviously is special cup, of crystal)
7:10 do not describe the what-ness (Mh) of that what exists, because the doubling water-containers (JMJM) will show the doubles (hRA, SN) in their being, and the TB instrument of water-containing (TBJM) because of these (principles) , the vessel is place of wisdom and inquiring (SAL) of increases (YL)
7:11 Wisdom is for the TB instrument being done with glass-examinations (N-HL), it magnifies (joter) for the seeing, in the light
7:12 the globe makes shadows (KB, ZL) for wisdom, and by means of making shadows (B-ZL) in the open cup (KS) they magnify (joter) for the understanding and wisdom the beings in their increases (YL)
7:13 watch the visual sign of reflection from God, because waters can make straight visual sign of what is only crooked
7:14 in the light of the TB instrument is life, by TB instrument, in its light, there is observation (RY), vision of magnified visual sign (GM, AT), this opposite that in reflection (YS) by God; he increases (YL) things that man does not visually find (MZA) and their reflections are for magnitude and what-ness (MA, Mh)
7:15 the visual sign from the vessel (AT, KL) I saw, by means of waters in the vessel of blown glass (hBL), the existence; and zaddiq makes deep examinations (ABD) by means of his correct method (zdq) and the existent beginnings visual (RS, Y) is being lengthened (ARK) by means of its observation (RY)
7:16 God! Be correct Zaddiq in your magnifying. God! Be wise in your making increases (joter)! By the waters of that place of water-pond
7:17 God, make the visual beginnings visible in magnifications, God be collecting (SKL) for the what-ness in completeness (TAM) of the worldly place (TBL) of your being
7:18 TB instrument is device where you make seen (Hz) by means of that and from it magnifies (GM) God making the calm, the visual sign from your instrument (AT, JD) because God makes seen, he brings to visual finding (MZA) the visual signs from the vessels (AT, KL)
7:19 Wisdom makes multiplication (YZ) for wise man from this expensive vessel, this convex-formed of water-pond (SLT, JM) there were the revelations (YR)
7:20 because man having keenness (AJN) is zaddiq concerning what is earthly that the TB instrument reflects (YS), in manner not defect (HTA)
7:21 magnifies (GM) also with the vessel of revelations of waters that will be revealed; God, give (TTN) by your convex-instrument (LB) that what is not usually heard, for visual sign for the initiated from that smallness (QLL)
7:22 because the magnification (GM) in many multiplies and makes known by your convex-instrument (LB) that magnifies the visual sign in smallness (GM, AT, QLL), on the other side of the water-pond
7:23 by means of wisdom, I was making miracles (NS) in this vessel (KL-Zh), I was saying of the forms (AW) of wisdom- even if that was distant (RHQ) from me
7:24 even if the what-ness (Mh) of that what is existing is distant (RHQ), make deep-examinations make deep-examinations (YMQ, YMQ) and the water will bring the visual seeing (MZA)
7:25 I made turnings-reflections (SB) with convex-instrument to know and to make magnifications (joter) and the bottle of wisdom (BQ) and understanding and knowledge, the visible beginning, this cup for collecting (SKL) and glass-examining (hLL)
7:26 and I brought to visual seeing (MZA) the magnification (MRM) of material thing, this visual sign from the flame, that is from the instructions (ZW) of appearances (DM), and the living increases (H, RWM) from the waters, this enclosure (ASR), being TB instrument for visual appearances from God, the water of mystery (LT) from that even if not completely makes coherent (LKD) visions in that
7:27 this seeing I produced visually said the Collector, one is for visually finding produced to one; such is understandable (HSBWN)
7:28 that what increases (YD), is the bottle (BQ) where is the Spirit (NPS), even if visual findings of man are not so that from one is to thousand-fold (ALP) and the flame by this vessel is not bringing to visual seeing (MZA)
7:29 this is ball-formed convex instrument (LB, DR) of seeing of visual findings that God reflects to visual signs (YS) for men, and the angel, those are bottles (BQ) of wise understanding (HS, BN) of magnifications
8:1 The water is for Wisdom. The Water makes known the interpretation of things, for wisdom. Man brings to illumination the visual appearances- the strength of his appearances produces the doubles.
8:2 The vessel is the place for methodical doing, for observations (SMR), and it increases (YL) the things to sevenfold, from God
8:3 God, be keen (hasty, but OKSUS in Greek much denotes noetical keenness, thus in LXX Proverbs too etc) in your turnings, do methodically, God, and make cloud-appearances (cf amud) of things, the observation- because the expensive vessel (thus, of glass or crystal) is the place of angel, and it makes reflections
8:4 by means of the methodical doing (cf hLK) concerning the thing the convex (sLT, also denotes shield, thus convex form) and the water will tell the what-ness in your reflections (YS)
8:5 observe with help of instructions (SMR, ZW) the thing you do not know- there is the vision (RY); but in the moment of discerning (MSPT) you will know with the wise convex-instrument (LB)
8:6 because for such precious vessel (KLKL, HPZ), the existent in that time will be discerned (MSPT), because human knowledge is magnified in its increasing (YL)
8:7 because its keenness (AJN) of stretchings (NN) makes known the what-ness of what is existing (JhJh), because the likeness of its manner of existing, the water will tell to that
8:8 man has keenness doing the convex-observations (sLT, shield thus convex-form), by help of Spirit with the vessel (KL) , the visual sign from the Spirit – and this convex is so keen in the light concerning the material, and keen in this riddle (MSL) of understanding (NHT cf NHT/NHS) by means of the salt-water pond (MLH-Mh) and to place the mystery (LT) of the visual small beginnings (ARKHAI, the RS) – the visual sign in its increasings
8:9 this visual sign of the vessel I was seeing, given the visual sign from my convex-instrument (LB) by means of vessels of water-reflecting (YS) that make reflections under the light – in that moment, man makes convex-reflections (sLT) in visions of man, to make observations
8:10 and the fountain (NBK)- the lamp (NR) of the visual signs of the visual beginnings (ARKHAI, RS) from water-pond , in the cavity of clearness of waters and it makes water-reflections (BA) from this increasing place of holiness (QWM and maqom), methodically in the doubling power for the revelation (ST, KH), that truthfully reflects this magnification, this blown glass (GM, HBL)
8:11 this in keen manner makes reflections, the morcels magnified (PT, GM) the reflections for keen (MhR) observation (RY) increasing thus in the full round-formed (LB) built by men, in order to know by means of that to make reflection for observation
8:12 thus the imperfect is reflected in observation (YS, RY) to hundred times, and lengthened (ARK hif) methodically, and the magnification of the vessel (AN) makes known what is existent – good to seeing, from God, that makes the seeing, from in visions
8:13 and it is good even concerning the visible beginnings (RS, Y) not yet in existence (JhJh, thus, something like seeds that are not in the process of growing etc.: potentiality, actuality, en-ergeia) even if the magnifying water-pond (JMJM) does not lengthen the shadow-figures (ZL); its keenness it makes visible in front of the divine
8:14 what is in existence (JS), the blown glass is what makes the reflections and increasing the earthly what is in existence; the correct manner miraculously seeing for their magnitudes (KMh) in reflections, of the visible beginnings (RS,Y). And the visible beginnings when in their existence (growth of seeds etc, the JS, thus some actuality) that miraculously are seen in their magnitudes in reflections, in correct manner; also these are sayings from what is blown glass
8:15 I was succeeding in making visual sign of what is understandable, that is of good keenness (AJN TWB) for human sight, under the bright light, because the form-giving vessel (A-KL) for the making doublings (ST), it is for that what is understandable, a Window (HLN), by means of toil-examination and living waters that given from God, under the light
8:16 when I gave my convex-instrument (LB) to understand Wisdom and to watch the visual sign of divinations (YNN) that was reflected in magnifying the earthly because it magnifies- the bright and shadowy are doubled by its visual power (YJN); this is its keenness of visions
8:17 And I observed the visual sign of vessel of making reflections from God- the vessel is place for doing vessel-examinations to find visually (MZA) the visual sign of reflections (YS) that is reflected under the bright light, so that what man is toil-examining with the bottle (BQ) of place and finds the magnification (MZA, GM) and the truthful (AMAM) and wise Spirit (RH, HKM), to know making vessel-examinations to visual findings
9:1 Concerning this visual sign (AT) from vessels (KL), I gave that to the convex-instrument (LB); this is for making clearer the visual sign from vessel, that the Zaddiqim, and Hakhamim, and the initiated make by means of divine instrument (JD denotes also an instrument). And that what was preferred, made magnifications (GM)- it made magnifications, doubled appearances (SN) being keen-visioning (AJN), and thus man gets knowledge- in the vessel (KL) for visual appearances (PN)
9:2 and the vessel (KL) is this: when the vessel in like water-fountain (maqor), it is simple; thus concerning what is correct ZDQ, what is incorrect RSY, what is good and pure, what is not pure and what is near to the altar; and to that whose keenness is near altar. In good quality, in unclean quality. This is doing stretching- when it shows visually that what is stretched
9:3 this is the observation-vision (RY) by means of the vessel, that was so reflected (YS) under the bright light, because this vessel is one-and-similar water-fountain (maqor) for everything; and it magnifies (WGM). The convex instrument (LB) built by men, when being full, gives observation (RY) (full water-bowl gives magnified visions etc.) and those glass-cavity examinations (hLL) by means of their convex-instruments (B-LB) and of water-reflections (BB; here writes BLB and BMB) in their living-waters, but otherwise this is for the material beings
9:4 because the water that utters although not clearly (NBH such unclear uttering) the vision in the vessel of living waters (HJ,JM) the existing has some certainty (BTH); the vessel being in form of convex (KJL, K-LB) is so living, it is so good in the qualities of the visions of the material beings.
9:5 because the living waters (HJ, JM) make known, because the water-pond is so deep (JM, ThM), and thus the keenness of the water-pond is so complete (tam) and makes known the magnitude and what-ness (MA, Mh), and the keenness of the increases is thus for them, because it is container (KRK) of miraculous power (NS, KH), in its glass-increasing (ZK, RM)
9:6 it magnifies their form (AWH) in complete manner (B-TM); it magnifies their differences, in complete manner (SN, the sinuj), and it magnifies their properties, in complete manner (the attributes of something are distinguished from its properties, those being of more accidental nature), in being water-pond in its depths (ABD), and divides them in keen manner (HLQ, AJN, the diaresis) to those is increase in this glass-globe (YWLM), by these vessel-examinations that are made making reflections (YSh) under the bright light
9:7 And the LEKANE-vessel (LKA-KL, and the nun behaves in its manners), is instrument for what is understandable and the LUACH-tablet of MICA material (special material?); they double, by the good quality of their substance (LB, here translated to denote substance; but this is so different from subsistence etc), the wine, thus (K-K-K) is the clarity of special keenness (RZ cf. OKSUS); and God gives your visual signs in the reflections
9:8 by your vessel-examinations, in that moment/time (YT cf. KAIROS in Greek, special moment or occurrence) there will be, for your making revelations (NGD, the hGJD etc) these pure glass vessels being white water-bowls (LBN-JM, white glass described) and the oil there upon (oil floating upon surface of water in the glass lamp); and like divine being, living, the Angel (such were usually described in practices of lecanomancy and oil divination)
9:9 watch the living waters with the flame, of what you preferred (preferred source of oil cf e.g. Avot ba ma madliqim) this concerns, this concerns the vessels of waters-of-living, your blown vessels (hBL), that give to you under the bright light, really, the vessels of waters, of blown glass, because such is your dividing-method (HLQ, the diaresis) in the living waters; and for your toiling-examination method (YML) that you are toiling under the bright light
9:10 thus vessel by which you make the visual findings (MZA) is instrument, the vessel for making reflections (YSh), from Your powers of making such reflecting, because this reflecting is keen (AJN); and Your opinions, knowledge and wisdom (hashbon, DYT and hokhma thus rendered) are given to your inquiries (SAL) that you are making methodically (hLK) there
9:11 I made reflections (SB) and observed (RA) under the bright light- the vessel (KL) for the small things (QL) the water bowl (JM) is so keen seeing (RZ), this salt of what-ness (MLH, MH) produces the magnifyings (GBR) and the Wisdom magnifies there (GM) and magnifies in the place of prophets (neviim) such muchness (YSR) and magnifies in the place of knowledge, the HNK Hanukkah and the time of observation and incantations (QRA) for visions from water bowl (KL)
9:12 because the magnification (GM) not known to men in the visual sign (AT) of that moment (YT, notice that the word jitron, increase and magnification is similar to this YT), like fishes of the water-bowl (DG-JM) that are seen doubled in water-bowl (SN, HzA, JM PHILO OF ALEXANDRIA in the writing ON Drunkenness/De Ebrietate 180ff. writes of such, and in the Syrian cult of Atargatis in Hierapolis were watched fishes in the pond and visions of water-bottles, see Lucian De Dea Syria 40ff. ) in the Sidonian water-vessel of observation (Sidonian glass well known) and like the observations in water-ponds (ZPh, JM) the form that is seen (AWh, Hzh) in the means of the blown-glass vessel (PH) in the strength of the water, the water that makes collections (QSS, JM), built by men, for the moment of observations, the special cup (KS) of miracles that in those increase the pieces of forms (PT)
9:13 This magnification I saw, this Wisdom under the bright light, and upon that it was so magnified (GDL)
9:14 revelation of small (YR, QTN) by means of vessel of waters, something small (MYT)- and God makes of it water-reflections (BA), this is the method of magnifying (hLK) and reflecting (SBB) of the visual signs and constructing of the increases, in the strength of magnifications (GDLJM)
9:15 and in that, the flame brings to visual sight (MZA), because of the Presence (sKN, cf Shekinah)- this is wise, and LYT, this is revealed visual sign (AT, YR) by its Wisdom, even if man cannot glass-examine (ZKH) these visions (RA) from the flame and the Presence of that
9:16 and I said that from the vessel comes such good Wisdom, from the magical magnifications (GBR), and the Wisdom, from the Presence, in its divisions (BZA), and their matters/visions in their keenness, are so heard
9:17 words of wise by means of this calm (NH), thus placed (nifal) in seeing of waters (N, SM, Y, JM) and the pressed juice (glass cup being filled either of water or pressed juice, YWQ) this riddle (mashal) by means of cups being water-ponds (KL, JM)
9:18 This Wisdom is so good, being coming to nearness (of things, in magnifications) in the vessels, even if imperfectly, in one-ness and simplicity it makes the reflections in depths (ABD), so good magnifications
10:1 whirlings-of-breath materialized (in blown glass, the zBB means whirl round, usu translated fly, small insect, but also blown glass is obvious translation) make reflections of the existing things (BA) in their bubble (NBY) and the oil; so thin living material (RQQ, HJ) now cooled (QR), from Wisdom and from the visual appearing (KBD like DOKSA) are the likenesses of what is small (MYT)
10:2 the convex-instrument (LB) is so wise because of its waters (JM), and the convex-instrument-cup (LB-KS) of shadowy visions (LL) of what is on that
10:3 and you make magnifications with your ball (DR) like the KS-cup of likeness-appearances (sKL) methodically in its convex nature, thus living container (H-SR)- and thus utters the vessel, this is that likeness (sKL)
10:4 and whenever the Spirit of Riddles (ruah, MSL) makes increases (YLh) – for Your increases and your magnifications (YL, QM) God will give the Wisdom (HKM) in the shadows (RPA) in their resting the imperfect is being magnified (GDL)
10:5 I saw the observation of something existent (JS) under the bright light in the KS-cup that magnifying cavity (G- cavity and GG is something like roof, but usually roof qua place for seeing and looking) that produces visions (JZA) in front of the convex (SLt denotes also shield, thus something bright and convex)
10:6 and it gave that shadow-picture (sKL) magnified (BMRMM) from the magnifying waters (RMJM) of the water-pond (JM) and thus magnified reflections (YS-RM) by means of that miraculous (B-S-PL) reflection (SB)
10:7 I saw how the initiated were magnifying (YL) tiny insects with water-pond (YBD here trl. Initiated cf avoda; and SWS denotes horse and MOTH, thus tiny insect, cf. the zBB in 10:1) and the angels were there around, when the initiated were making magnifications (YL) of earthly things
10:8 the living fruit-growth, in the cavity of juices this happens (G-MZ) this miracle (PL), this blossoming of fruits (PR)- in this cavity of ball-form (G-DR) in it is (cf Shekina) the prophesy (NHS)
10:9 these water-ponds of stone (AB-JM) make advises (YZ) in their water-reflections (BBA) this distinguishes for the advises from water-ponds, present in the water-ponds
10:10 the fountain of shadows (BR-ZL) makes to very very much (APN) from waters, things so small (QLQL) – thus the water-pond of glass (HL-JM) makes to increases (GBR) and this magnification (jitron) of the KS-cup of the Spirit makes the magnitude (KMh)
10:11 if the existing- like in prophesy (NHS)- even without incantation (LHS), the magnification (jitron) is so keen- the convex makes the increases (LB-YL) to doubles
10:12 and the thing made from spirit-blast (PH), like water-pond this miracle-place (HNS cf. place in Egypt near Memphis and the name NHS of divination) of ritual of opening (PT, Egyptian ritual of opening of mouth whereby crystal and glass bowls widely used) in the cup (KS)- to whole world (TBL) in this divination
10:13 you make glass-examination (THL), you make things in this blown glass (PH), the dream-visions (sKL), and reflections from this blown glass (PH), and glass-cavity examinations (hLL) for observations (RY)
10:14 and this dream-vision (sKL) makes multiplications of the things, in water-ponds, even if man does not understand the what-ness (Mh) that is in its being (being, the Sein); and what is in process of becoming (JhJh) from its other-vision magnified (GDL)
10:15 and the toil-method for the cup-of-water-container (ks, L, JM) is the divination in cavity (YNN) that does not make known the evening-like shadow (LL) in oil (KT) for the magnified revelation
10:16 and the LEKANOS (lekanos-bowl, cf lecanomancy the bowl-divination, here LKA) is the place of keen visions (A-RZ) the outer appearance (SML, like clothing) is thus revealed (YR) and the angel, like that of the Bottle (BQ) make seen in its vessel (KL)
10:17 the place of angels is the likeness from earthly; the outer appearance (SML, clothing) is thus produced (BN) by the hollow of water-vessel (HR-JM) and the angel of KB-heaping (SR-KB) in the vessel-vision of forms (AW-KL) in its magnifying strength (GBR) even if not to doubles
10:18 and by means of visions of shadows from water-ponds (ZL-JM), the pond of special power (JM-Kh), this fountain (maqor) and by means of what are the miracles (PL) of the water-pond-instrument (JD) – this instrument is like a place (BJT) of the breath-blast (PH)
10:19 in the strength (LS) of being carved (HQ) the water-bowl reflects (YS, JM), and the LUACH-pond and of wine makes this successful, the living waters (HJ, JM)- and this cup of visions (KS-NP) makes divination (YN), the visual sign (AT) from the vessel
10:20 and this method makes magnifications (GM) for your knowledge, upon so light breaths, in the life of this ball-formed (B-H-DR) prophetical KB globe, God who is so lightly hovering makes there reflections like multiplications (K-YP); that what is the water-pond thus methodically produces the visual sign of that small and light and by means of increasing, the opening of the water-pond makes and tells different things
11:1 the Shiloh-glass (HL) –vessel examination in the sides, in the increases (YL) of the appearances (PN) from the water of the water-pond, because by means of the magnification from the water-pond (MJM) You will make visual findings (TMZA)
11:2 and give to the cavity of glass (Q-HL) to make the stretching (SBY) and make magnifications even to eight-fold, even if you do not understand the what-ness; the existent in its existing (JhJh) is thus observed in increases of the earthly (RY)
11:3 even the cloud, being full of rain (MLA, GSM) makes increase of the earthly, this thin with so much miracle-working make council (PL, YZ) in the ball-formed water-bowl (DR-JM), and if by means of this observing (ZPh, ZPR, ZPN) is the magnification (QM) that is miraculous (PL), the advice, from waters, is this
11:4 it is not who observes (SMR) but the Spirit that magnifies (zRY) and who observes by help of clouds (cf Wilderness traditions, even later the Wisdom of Solomon the pillar of cloud in the divinations)- surely he will not diminish (QZR)
11:5 and how does your vessel (AN) make known the what-ness (Mh), this by Spirit of the ball-formed vessel (DR) like the advises from the water-ponds (YZ, JM) from its container-part (BTN) in its fullness (water filled glass bowl magnifies), thus it is not you who bring to knowledge that visual sign of reflection (AT, MYS), it is God who makes reflection, the visual sign of this vessel (YS, AT, KL)
11:6 by means of the bottle of mystery (Rz here, cf, the Qumran language!) of observation (RY), the visual sign stretched (zRY) – and so making change (YRB) in the calmness of your instrument, because your vessel makes known that what-ness (A-zh), it makes purity-clear (KSR) the distinction between this and that, and thus their good doubled appearance in simpleness
11:7 from this material cavity of light-giving (AR) – and it is easy for your seeing-ability to see the vision from this bright light
11:8 thus, with the doubled, is the multiplied, the existent in its being (JhJh that is, in its activities and changes) and man by means of his water-vessels succeeds in making the glass-examinations (zKh) when seeing the water-ponds of shadow-visions so multiplied will occur in these vessels that make water-reflections, they being of blown glass (KL, BA, hBL)
11:9 succeed and make choices and your convex-instrument in good manner by means of water-pond of your choices, and do methodically by the ball-formed vessel (DR-KL) for you and for the seeing-instruments of your seeing; know that these vessels magnify and God gives the reflected pictures for your discerning
11:10 and the basket of the special cup-formed (KYS) being white (LBN cf behaviour of nun) it changes the observation (RY) by help of Your angel, because glass (HL) of selection make collecting-heaping; such is blown glass-vessel (HBL)
12:1 make glass-examination (zKh) of that visual sign (AT) seen in the fountain, see how by means of the water-pond and in the cavity (HR), in midst, is increase (YD), and this is not only water-reflected (BA) this observation-in-water-pond (JMJ RYh). And it arrives to doubling (SN) that will describe in keen manner (AJN) in the water-pond of delight
12:2 the bright sun style light brings to increases (YD hSMS) and that will not seem to you dark (HSK); and moon and stars give their light, and make reflections (SB), and the clouds after rainfall
12:3 by means of that surprising light (ZWY) keep watching (SMR) in the place of divinations (YNN) these men of glass-watching (ANS HJL) and observed for spreading (NBt and hbt, look and observe, and Nht, spreading) these because the smallness and its shadowy appearance (MYT, HSK) are seen in visions in the magnifying windows (ARUBOT, includes the RB, increase)
12:4 its enclosure –vessel is the doors of water-bowl (DLT and SYR difficult words for method) – by means of abundance (SQ) and by means what is miracle (PL) the small is stretched; thus magnifies concerning the small (QM, QL) this bird-like watching (ZPh watch, and birds were proverbial for their keen vision, e.g. falcon Horus etc.) and reveal, because of being white glass vessels of angels (LBN)
12:5 by its means (Bh) the magical increase (GM) will be seen, and the magnification-examinations (HTT examine etc) of water-ponds (HT-JM) in its being globe-formed (DR) the Greek style (jawwan) illumination (ZH) magnifies (SQ) from around-observing (SBL) seen from the round vessel (HG) and the stone of Greek style (avijona) will bring forth the blossoming (PR), because man does so methodically, and God in that place of globular form and its surroundings (sBB) makes to overflowing abundance (SQ) in the limits/sides of water-pond
12:6 increasing (YD); that is, not being in distance (in magnified vision distant objects are seen like they were near to the observer), by blown glass (hBL)- the cup is keen in small parts (KS , RZ, PT), in the revelations (GL) of this, and the ball-formed (KD) makes multiplicity (SBR) in this bubble (NBY) – the revelation (GL) is keen on this fountain
12:7 and the dust (something small like dust) is being reflected (SB) in increasing of the earthly; the KS-cup is of the existing – the Spirit makes the reflecting- it is from God
12:8 This Blown Glass! (HBL) This Blown Glass being water-bowl (HBLJM), said the Collector (Qohelet, QhL): the vessel is of blown glass! (KL, HBL)
12:9 and the magnification (joter) of what exists- The Collector is Wise in his making increases (YD) and in understanding the measuring (L-MD), the visual sign of collected (YM), examined (HQR) the what-ness, and organized (TQN) proverbs concerning magnifications
12:10 and such is the container (BQ) of the Collector for making visual findings (MZA) of things of Egyptian crystal bowls (H-PZ) and to write straight and truthful the descriptions (JSR, DBR, AMT)
12:11 The instruments of the wise- the Balls (KDR) of understanding (bina) and those observing how-much (KM, SMR) and spreading (NTY) of water-ponds by means of increasing (YL) and magnification (ASP), they give observations (MRY), of simple character/quality
12:12 and increased (joter) are from those the results of the Zohar illumination (zhR), those reflections of water counting in magnifications, and keen (AJN) even for limits (QZ) and to contemplate magnification; and it makes this with the help of angel
12:13 make increases (ASP), of the matter in the vessel, this is heard, a sign (AT) from God, and see the visual sign with help of instructions (ZW), observe (SMR), because this is vessel-observation for humans
12:14 because the visual sign from the vessel (AT, KL) the reflection (YS)- God makes that water-reflection (BA), for making discerning, increasing in vessel of globe (YL, KL, YLM): when good, there is the observation

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